The Spinning Defect

Although the genetic defect is still quite rare, some bloodlines seem to produce individual Robos which 'spin'. It is still unknown what causes this affliction (some say it might be because of inbreeding, but there is no evidence of it).

There is no complete cure as it is a congenital neurological disorder, but you can relieve the symptoms in some cases. The cage mates of a spinning robo can get stressed and irritated by the company of an uncontrolable spinning individual. The 'spinner' might be more susceptible to attacks and may find it difficult to find any rest.

The spinning itself can worsen due to stress and excitement, so creating a safe (no level cage) and quiet environment for the spinning Robo might reduce the spinning and enable the hamster to lead a relatively normal life.

It is very strongly advised not to breed from such individuals as the defect might pop up in later bloodlines most possibly in a worse form.

The spinning defect is more commonly found in white-faced Roborovski's and is found in several degrees of severity. You'll have to decide for yourself if the quality of life for your Robo is adequate to your standards. Below is a video of a 'spinning' Robo:

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