Preparations For The Birth

It is important that you clean the female's cage/aquarium before the birth, as you cannot do it for at least three weeks after the Roborovski pups are born. Try to make sure that you do not disturb the pregnant Roborovski too much whilst moving her to a temporary holding cage. This could cause unwanted stress to the pregnant Robo.

Be sure to leave more than the usual amount of bedding (shredded e-cloth will do fine, but if you do not have that available, take a look at the bedding page for more information about the types of bedding that Roborovski's prefer) , the female will collect it all and bury herself in it before birth.

It is usual for the female Roborovski to ban the male from sleeping with her right before birth. That is usual. But after female gives birth, the male is an important part in rasing the babies, as he collects food for the female whilst she is looking after the pups, and he stays to protect the pups whilst the female excercises.

If you think the female is going to give birth within hours, it might be best to remove the wheel because if the female accidentally trips or hurts itself whilst running on it, it could result in dead babies, or problems during the birth.

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