^ Great hamster guide book by Nadia Vella of, with photos of Tic and Pickle on p32 and p15! I thoroughly recommended checking it our - it's a fab resource of hamster info for when you need it quickly, from an author you can trust!  

Roborovski related websites

^ A great website for Robo information, photos and a live webcam of Roborovski (and Russian) hamsters.

^ A very good Roborovski hamster site which gives you all the facts in an easy-to-read manner including a hamster forum and adoption notice board.

^ A great blog run by Mike (a moderator on the forums) about getting the most enjoyment out of your Roborovski hamsters, by taming them. He updates the blog frequently with content-rich information.

Other hamster related websites

^ All you need to know about Hamsters; The different types of hamsters, their food, breeding, life span, housing and health. Also you will find different interesting articles that will cover many aspects of hamsters, hamster games, hamster products and much more!

^ Hamster Heaven's webcam is one of the main features of this site. Also includes info about how to look after aall species of hamsters.

^ An informative website providing all the basics about hamster care. 

Other pet websites

^'A MySpace for pets'.

Roborovski breeders near you

Visit the breeders page for more details about finding a Roborovski breeder near you.

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