General Information about Roborovski Hamsters

Roborovski hamsters are small, short tailed dwarf hamsters. They are generally recommended as "look but don't touch pets", and therefore might not be perfect as family pets as they aren't the kind of hamster you can hold and stroke, instead, to watch as they run on their wheel (at lightning fast speed) and play with siblings (they are social, so can live in pairs). Their original habitat is in the Mongolian Steppes.

Roborovski hamsters are particularly hard to tame because of their character, size and speed. It is recommended to buy Roborovskis in pairs, mainly as watching two play together is much more fun than just one. The chances of the two fighting are low, and it is normally the case that severe wounds only come about when groups of more than three Robo's are kept in the same cage (for more info about fighting, see here). Normally the hamsters will only 'play' fight.

They prefer to be kept in a well lit room at a constant temperature (18 to 26°C, 64 to 80°F) and though they cannot see very far, Robo's are generally more relaxed when positioned somewhat above the ground (at least 65 cm (2 feet)), from where they can perceive their surroundings.

In Britain, Robo's cost somewhere in the region of £7 each (or £12 for a pair) at reputable pet stores, though prices may vary around the country and they are usually more expensive from professional breeders. US prices vary the same way, but I gather they are normally $15 to $30. (Could readers from other countries let me know the price where they live? Thanks!).

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