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Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I am unable to answer hamster related questions.

There is an FAQ for general hamster questions asked most often. If you cannot find an answer there, then please search for your question on the site's forums. If you cannot find an answer to your question by searching, you can start a new forum topic (to submit a new discussion on the forums, you have to be registered on the site, which you can do here). If you have already registered, sign in here. Then, go to the forums and click on the correct category relating to your question. Once there, click 'New Topic'. If you want to include an image in your topic, click here for a tutorial explaining how to do so). I am confident that you will get a speedy and informative answer. 

This is my contact email address for site or photo related information (e.g. photo permission request) only:  [email protected]

Using my Images Externally

If you are planning to use my images on another website, I am happy for you to do so, but please credit my website (Image ©, and contact me if it's commercial. 

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