The babies are born a short time apart and during that time, the mother will be active and walking around the cages before she gives birth to another pup. Do not be alarmed if the babies are born all around the cage. The mother will bring them all back to her nest after she has finished giving birth to the final pup. There may be a few spots of blood here and there, but most of the time the mother cleans up after herself quite neatly (this is especially good as now you have to wait at least three weeks before you can next clean her cage).

The pups will be born blind, naked and pink from head to toe.

Rearing the pups (with your help)

Rearing pups is a very demanding task for both you and the new mother.

The female will need plenty of food when she is raising her pups. Her needs will include extra proteins like those found in boiled egg, soya, bread soaked in low fat milk or oatmeal porridge. Extra vegetables and sunflower seeds will also be greatly appreciated by her.

Handling any of the pups in the first two weeks could cause the mother to reject the pups. This is because hamsters totally rely on their sense of smell to recognise each other. A pup that smells different may be seen as an intruder. Also disturbing the nest can cause stress to the mother who might reject her pups as a result or even eat them if she feels threatened.

Growing up

In just 4-6 days, the baby Roborovski's will begin to pigment and after 6-8 days, you will start to notice little hairs on the pup's bodies. By 10-12 days, the babies will be covered in short hair and their eyelids will be starting to develop as well as their little ears.

At this point, they might begin to wander around the cage a bit, but don't worry, the mother will bring them back to the nest if she feels it's necessary.

When the Robo's reach 14-16 days old, it is safe for you to handle them.

At 4 weeks, it is time to seperate the pups from the mother and the females from the males (although it might be incredibly hard, do your best and see the sexing page for help). Keep the Robo's in their seperate sex groups for another 2-3 weeks before selling them.

At 6-7 weeks, the hamsters are now fully independant and are ready to go to their new homes.  

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