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hi  i am brandon and i love robos i took pictures of my old robo on my phone it has bluetooth but my somputer does not i will find a way to send them to my comp and show you guys pictures of flash  r.i.p flash 2010 to 2010  almost made it to 2011 daddy will always be with you ine heart enjoy hamster heaven flash , yesterday or earlier this morngin the cam to see me hamster was dead :( this was very unsuasual becuase he had bitten himself very badly so its sad but atleast my flash will have a new buddy in hamster heaven but i dont hink it was the right time for him to go :(

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Reply MinkyMink and Dew.
5:44 PM on March 4, 2012 
Reply I Heart Minkus
8:09 AM on April 18, 2011 
Hola! Where have you been?
Reply I Heart Minkus
6:34 PM on January 29, 2011 
Oooo! Wanna see some really cute shepherd puppies from the breeder where we got Shultzy?

Heres the link:
Reply I Heart Minkus
5:34 PM on January 29, 2011 
I know right gross! And it was right on my favorite sweatshirt. I first saw it and i just thought it was dog crap, then i had a heart attack and thought it was MInkus; THEN i saw the tail and yea.

My dog has been know for bringing in his "Prizes" in my room. Like he ALWAYS brings in what my bff calls " Poop Rags " basically toilet paper with crap on it into my room. And like he always chooses MY ROOM. Not the spare guestroom but my room. This is the first time it was a mouse though. I was actually surprised, Cuz Shultzy is NOT a country type dog. He is probably as timid as the mouse LOL. My dog i had before him loved catching mice. Sadly he died because he got attacked by another dog. But maybe Shultzy brought the mouse into my room because, thats where i keep my hamsters. LOL maybe he thought i sent one loose or something and wanted to " retrieve it " for me. idk Shultz isnt a golden retriever or a lab. Hes a German Shepherd. Do German Shepherds catch game? I grew up with Shepherds and Duke ( the one who died ) was the only one who loved catching small animals. ( im happy he died right before i got Shelly or else i wouldn't have had her for too long LOL ) The dog before Duke liked to eat cheese curls XD!

Anyways, the stories about my dogs probably bore you. Sorry to carry on and on; its a habit of mine...
Reply I Heart Minkus
8:31 AM on January 29, 2011 
Your right, we haven't chatted in a while huh?

Well nothing much has happened. I haven't been on lately anyways so....


Oh wait is the new hamster Bella?

( its back dum dum duuuuum )

Reply Daisys'Mama
10:22 PM on January 20, 2011 
Flash went to the big wheel in the sky :(
Reply Daisys'Mama
10:21 PM on January 20, 2011 
Bella?? I thought you were getting a hammyy in March and you were gonna name it Flash II :)Daisy ESCAPED...but i caught her after 5 min of pure genius and 1pair of ripped jeans from trying to catch her....SHES SOOOO FAST! I wish i had speed like that!
Reply Daisys'Mama
6:40 PM on January 12, 2011 
Daisy says hi!! I just started taming her and will try to get pictures soon
Reply Daisys'Mama
10:06 PM on January 9, 2011 
Hey! Thanks for all the great advice and becoming my friend lol :)
Reply I Heart Minkus
6:19 AM on January 6, 2011 
Aww! Bella is cute
Reply Hannah Jones
3:02 AM on January 4, 2011 
Huh? Are you on a mobile device?
Reply I Heart Minkus
7:09 PM on January 3, 2011 
isnt minkus cute?
Reply I Heart Minkus
5:28 PM on January 2, 2011 
Lol! I changed his name to Minkus!
Reply I Heart Minkus
4:15 PM on January 2, 2011 
Well, i wanted a change. And my Petsmart was still recovering from the holiday rush. For hamsters they only had Russian dwarfs and Fancy Russian dwarfs, but in the fancies they had the cutest little black one. Thus, Rufus was brought home!
Reply I Heart Minkus
3:29 PM on January 2, 2011 
i changed my mind. I named him Rufus instead of Dobby. Dobby didnt match his personality or his looks.
Reply I Heart Minkus
3:03 PM on January 2, 2011 
i guess its fine. I mean its gunna be HUGE but thats good! i mean it gives you more room to customize it!
Reply I Heart Minkus
7:57 AM on January 2, 2011 
i know i logged off! I was looking for sales at Petsmart.
Reply I Heart Minkus
7:47 PM on January 1, 2011 
not long at all! Plus it is something to look forward too!
Reply I Heart Minkus
6:55 PM on January 1, 2011 
Yea, im sure of it!
Reply I Heart Minkus
6:38 PM on January 1, 2011 
First of all, welcome to our community. Btw, i feel the same way, i got a robo Paris on wed. She died yesterday.... Well i hope Paris and Flash are friends on the rainbow bridge!

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