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Hi I'm Katy, and I own 2 Robo Hamsters named Pip and Squeak.  I am a total animal lover!  I do many actvities including... Horsemanship class, Art class, Gym, and Math classes.  I am homeschooled and I am 12 years old.  I am also a Christian.


My dogs name is Luna, she is a Rat Terrier mix, kinda like a Fox terrier. She's black with a white chest and white paws. Her tail is short and she has brown eyes. She eats anything and everything in sight! :) She loves to play ball, frisbee, tag, hide and go seek and she loves walks. She doesn't like that many dogs, but gets along with a few. I love her to pieces. She sleeps with me everynight. She's always there to play and snuggle me.

My 3 chickens are Hazel, Penny and Gloria. They are our pets, not our meat! :) But Hazel and Penny do lay eggs.

Gloria is our newest hen, she is a Plymouth Barred Rock. Barred means black and white. Her foot was stepped on by a horse before she came to our home; it is healing and we probably won't get any eggs from her for a while. Gloria loves bread.

Penny, is our talkative, blue eyed chicken. She is semi-blind. When she lays her eggs, she lets the whole neighborhood know it! Penny loves carrot peels.

Hazel was the first one to start laying eggs.... and thats surprising because she is blind and the oldest of them all! She is so sweet and when you call her, she comes running! She loves cucumber peels.

Hazel and Penny are Orpington chickens, they are orange-gold. All of them came from a friend who rescued about 20 chickens from a abusive home and found these 2 chickens who were bumping into things and falling over. They needed special care and TLC so she asked us if we could take them home! They became Hazel and Penny. We got Gloria a month ago, she was the outcast and was very lonely. She was bullied alot, but when Hazel and Penny came back for a week while we were on vacation, they befriended Gloria! Michelle asked us if we would include her in our little family! :) I often pull Hazel and Penny out on a wagon/sled to the front to get some grass, cause our backyard is mostly dirt.  They also enjoy to stand in a kiddie pool in the summer with cold water!

Pip and Squeak, my 2 Roborovskii Dwarf hamsters are the men in the family! They are brown with a black undercoat. They are twins, and I believe they are brothers but I'm not sure. We got them from the shelter; they had been there for 6 months! When I first brought them home, they were so timid and scared. Now they let me hold them daily and love it when I visit them and give them treats. They are the most spoiled hamsters I've ever known. They have a playpen which I attach to their cage with tunnels. Their cage is actually 2 cages, a glass aquarium with tunnels leading up to a hamster cage with 3 levels! They have tons of toys, including 1 seesaw, several chew sticks, 3 wheels, 3 houses, 1 castle, 2 toilet paper rolls, 2 food dishes, 2 water bottles and treats daily. They're favorite treats are cucumber, dry oatmeal, rice crispies, lettuce and apples. They are almost 2 years old, but their breed can live to be 3 and a half!

(Recently I have seperated them because of fighting issues.  I believe it was a accident, caused by Pip.  Squeak has a big gash on his shoulder, so for now they are seperated until it heals.  They love eachother to peices... they are depressed when I seperate them.  But.... Pip grooms squeak and will open the wound again if he trys to groom Squeaks bare skin.  It'll take a few weeks to heal.  Then I'll put them back together and see if any more bites happen.)


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Reply Steph20442
6:36 PM on June 11, 2012 
Hehe cute picture(: how many hamsters have you had all together?
Reply Katy
8:06 AM on November 18, 2011 
They all died because you put them on a diet???? :-o
Reply tae
9:57 PM on November 17, 2011 
I remember when I put my hamsters on a strict diet; he was real chubby. Except they all died because of it. :(
Reply Katy
4:09 PM on September 20, 2011 
Oh yeah, they pratically pose for my pictures. Do you have any other pets beside hammys?
Reply Emma
5:37 PM on September 19, 2011 
Wow! lots of pets! Hamsters are going to a photoshoot!
Reply Katy
4:18 PM on August 15, 2011 
He's doing a lot better now, and I will be putting them both back together within weeks. :)
Reply ♥Hamster Lover♥
8:33 PM on August 14, 2011 
Poor Squeak!
Reply Katy
7:49 AM on August 2, 2011 
Thanks, so is yours!
Reply tae
6:40 PM on July 21, 2011 
Your profile pic is soooo cute!!!

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