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Ive been keeping Roborovski's for 4 years. I work in a pet shop as a Saturday job (I'm still at school! (Grammer School))  and i really enjoy it. I have 3 hamsters at the moment: Zohan (Previously Molly, turned out to be a guy!!), a male runt, who is tiny!!! (Like Tot!!) And Hubii, my oldest Robo, who used to be a pair with the Ex-Megan (Who also turned out to be a male, and is now called Alton, :) ;) RiP : Ping Pong (Robo) & Fluffy (Syrian) I keep my hamsters in Savic Dwarf Hamster cages and feed them mixed foods. :)  If you want a quick answer or want to talk, email me at [email protected]


Zohan The Runt, on her small silent spinner.

Zohan The Runt, under his treat bar, hiding from the camera.

Hubii & Alton, Hubii is in the wheel and Altong is on the nest. Hubii is a male, and at the time, Alton looked like a female, (A little young to properly sex), so i attempted to breed, but Alton (Previously Megan) was actually a guy. :(

My profile picture is of Hubii, in his cage, before he met Alton ( Previously Megan!!). :)

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Reply zoe.ann
3:04 PM on January 8, 2011 
Hey :) You probably guessed but Its me from the shop earlier who had all the hamsters :L it's a cool site! feel like I know everything I need to know now which is good :P Thanks for showing me this site. Can't wait to get the hamsters now!!
Reply Hannah Jones
4:43 PM on January 1, 2011 
:O You should like *so* fill in the Info tab on your profile. :3
Reply HamstaLuver233
8:34 PM on December 12, 2010 
aww their soo cute!!!
Reply Loz
9:50 AM on September 25, 2010 
Your profile photo is so cool!
Reply Yuki And Pandora
2:55 PM on September 6, 2010 
Hey there! I just made a new website for all us hamsters to come together. It is coming out great it just needs more people to join. If you are interested go to
Reply Lindsey
5:11 PM on September 5, 2010 
The owner of the site doesn't come on much at all either. I think Tic and Tacs death reallly devestated her.
Reply Lindsey
11:09 PM on September 4, 2010 
You are never on any more. I'm new and I have never seen you post. You're supposed to be this prized moderator. I wish you would come on here so I could ask you questions.
Reply Hannah Jones
3:24 PM on March 5, 2010 
(Haha, I got my iMac for Christmas - it's simply amazing!) :D
Reply iluvKumquat
9:17 PM on November 30, 2009 
whoa! complicated hammy story! but i guess they're all one big happy HAMMILY now :D
ik ik im so bad at jokes
they're adorable! luv them!
Reply Hannah Jones
1:58 PM on November 30, 2009 
Reply Savannah
8:12 PM on November 29, 2009 
hi their all very cute
Reply Connaght
1:11 PM on November 23, 2009 
Hi hubii!
I havnt been on in AGES! Lol!
Whats a retro member?? xxxx
Reply Connaght
12:57 PM on November 23, 2009 
Hi Hubii!
Im back! Lol :D How do you become a retro member?! And what the heck is a retro member?!? xxxx

Reply Robohamstar
6:22 PM on November 9, 2009
Reply James
5:26 PM on October 17, 2009 
Wow, I would love to be 1 of the 'retro' members of this site! I joined in the middle of July-So I've been here a few months now. I really enjoy the site and I love it! Speak soon, James.
Reply Hannah Jones
1:40 PM on October 8, 2009 
Hi Hubii :D
I'd love to know how you're getting on and everything. How are your Robos?
Reply trace
4:46 PM on July 28, 2009 
awww love your pics and nice to know I'm not the only one with cross named hamsters!!
Reply HammieLove1996
3:15 PM on July 13, 2009 
An example of why I need glasses:
I read: 'I keep my Hamsters in Savage Dwarf Cages'
It was infact as you wrote it: 'I keep my Hamsters in Savic Dwarf cages' xD Sorry!
Reply Hannah Jones
3:50 PM on April 5, 2009 
Aww, it's only been 4 days, but it feels like it's already been a week without you!
Reply Hubii
3:56 AM on March 26, 2009 
Thanks For All The Comments Guys! Keep Them Coming! ;D

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