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How many hamsters do you own?


If you own hamsters, tell us about them! Names, gender, age etc.

I own 3 hammies, 2 robos and 1 syrian. The syrian is a short-haired panda bear. The Robos are pied/marbled. Patches is my syrian, she is a panda bear but is also tricoloured, with a hint of ginger. She has one eye and no tail. She is still beautifull though! . Like my syrian, my robos are female they were my first hamsters are turn one year old in feb. i got them in april. They are adorable. There names are chestnut and peanut they are seperate though because they kept fighting. Chestnut usually starts them, but there not as serious any more. They live in a mini duna by ferplast with 2 flying saucers , a tennis ball a house lots of chews a rope and a sand bath. sometimes Chestnut settles down on your lap and almost goes to sleep! Peanut is friendly but has never done this, but she loves to make nests and stores bedding in her cheek pouches! I used to have a honey bear syrian called Popcoprn she was absolutely beautiful, but she got put down. RIP. She was very special and i had a very special bond with her. She came out to play for an hour and a half. She died at 6 months old with a diesease tjhat couldnt be cure. I had her for 4 months. The day she died before school i held her and she was peacefull and still and i said if you die, remember this moment and that i always love you. bye popcorn. RIP popcorn i miss you very much.

How did you find out about this site?

I found it when i got my robos and wanted to know whats safe for them to eat and toy ideas

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