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I just wanted to get to know everyone and their hamsters on this sight! :D



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Hi FuzzyPuffs I have 3 hammies: 2 robos 1 syrian. I have had my robos since april last year and they turn 1 year old in febuary. They are pied and are called Chestnut and Peanut. Theres apic of them on this site on the last page of readers roborovskis and the title is Chestnut and Peanut or the other way round i cant remember. they are in thier nest and i woke them up cos they sleep till like 11:30 ish and by then i cant hold them!!! Peanut is lager and has a quieter nature. Chestnut is smaller and has a more lively spirit. They are adorable! Popcorn is the syrian and by her colouring shes a honey bear hamster. She is beautiful and even if shes asleep if you call her name she wakes up to see me!!!! She loves her food and even though she has a food bowl she puts the food in her pouches and takes it back to her nest!!! She is beautiful and inquisitive!!! I love all my hammies and other pets!!!;)


My hamsters Popcorn, Peanut, Chestnut, Patches.

  My hamsters, Dogs, Chickens, goldfish and hand reared calf   are awesome!!!

R.I.P. Popcorn.

Please check out my youtube channel and subscribe for everything about animals!!! Hhere is the link:

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