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I just got a new hamster today and i named him litening and not lightning because he was unique from the rest of the hamsters in the tank so i named a unique name. He's really fast and runs a lot.I don't know whether or not if its a boy or a girl but im goin to check probably in a ew days. Every time i try to touch he runs away so i'm just going to wait a week. He doesn't bite at all. The lady at the store let us hold them and none of them bite even mine. he was the smallest out of the bunch and the cutest. I don't know how to upload picture. so can someone tell me how and i will show you guys the pictures.


I L-O-V-E Hamsters (Robos). <3 <3 <3

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Loki Wolf
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Congrats on your new hamster!

Yes, Robos tend not to be biters. It sounds like he might be the runt of the litter or he was younger than the rest of the hamsters in the tank; pet shops tend to sometimes mix litters if they don't have room for the new litter. And that is a good idea, let it settle for a few days before handling. And to upload a picture, go to one of the galleries and click "add photo," select your photo, and that should do the trick.

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grats on hammie. and yea im still trying to figure how to make photo's since im also having hard time sexing my 2 little one's

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Oh congrats! My hammie is named Buttercup!!


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