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OMG! I recently went to my cousins house and he has a hamster so i played with him and when i got home i told my dad and he said i could get a hamster i was going to get a chinese dwarf hamster,but then i heard about this website and I completely fell in love with roborvski hamsters they are ADORABLE.

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Loki Wolf
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Glad you're planning on getting a hamster. A word of warning, Robos are mostly hard to tame and are sometimes considered the hardest to keep due to their small size, swiftness, and diffuculty taming. Now I don't want to discourage you, Robos are lovely hamsters to own but many will tell you they aren't for people first starting out in the hamster world. On the other paw I went straight to getting Robos as my first hamsters, but I did my research first so I knew what I was getting into.

Robos are social creatures and they are a joy to watch when they are in pairs or groups. You can keep them by themselves too, but if you get more than one you need to prepared to seperate in case of serious fighting as not all Robos want to be kept together. So are you planning on just getting one or pair/group?

Also are you going to get your hamster from a pet store, a breeder, or rescue it? Robo breeders are rare to come by and I have yet to find one on the east coast of the US. I see you live in New Jersey, I do too; I live in Scotch Plains which is about 45 minutes away from Hackensack. Sadly there is no breeders near us that I know of, all the good breeders in the US seem to be located on the west coast. If you are interested in rescue, try CraigsList and PetFinder, Robos pop up every now and then on those. As for pet stores, I don't advice getting from them as they normally get stock from mass breeders, it'd be better if you have a local pet store nearby as they tend to breed them themselves or get locally from occasional breeders.

Cages, do you have any idea what kind of cage you will be getting for the hamster? Robos like a lot of space to run around. Unless you stick a couple of CritterTrails, HabbitTrail, or Ovos together, I don't recommend buying them. I recommend buying a tank, 15 and up is recommended for one Robo while 20 and up for more, or making a bin cage, you can get a lot of space for little money by building a bin cage. Petco is having a dollar a gallon sale right now; as for storage bins try Walmart or Home Depot, you can buy a 106 qt bin for about $11 to 16.

Also might I suggest the HamsterCentral forum? There are people on there that know much more about the Roborovski than I and there are Robo breeders in the UK that visit that forum often. If you wish to speak to me on there, I am known as LokiWolf there too. I hope I didn't deter you with all this.

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I sure do love little hamSTARS! Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I am so excited for you! Hamsters are FANTASTIC companions! 'Love 'em! Let me know if you need any naming help... I'm an expert!!


Love My Pets



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