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I have 1 female hamster, her name is Honey because of how sweet she is. She has never bitten me, until today, she nibbled on my index finger because i smelled of banana, but it wasn't her fault. I'm not quite sure how old she is because when i got her from the pet shop they said 3-4 months old so thats probably her age, still young but very sweet. Currently, her favorite food are banana treats and the corn bits in hamster food. She loves to run like all roborovski hamsters and is SUPER active. She makes a great pet for me and i love her. 

Post funny stories or you can post anything about your hamster here. I'm free to questions and discussion topics. ( I've studied roboroski hamsters for 1 1/2 years now).


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Hi my name is Ana and I have two Robo hammy's named Boostie and 35R.

My Syrians passed away from old age a few year ago and everytime I would see a hamster at Petco I would just stand there and stare....they are so cute! Robo's are new to me, my Boyfriend surprised me with both hammys about a month ago. They are so tiny I am worried I will drop them, so most of the time I just put my hand in the cage so they can sniff me and they like to go in their mini hamster balls for a while. They eat different food then my Syrian's. Stuff that Turbo (RIP) loved they turn their nose up at. He got Boostie at PETCO and we got 35R from Petsmart. I know for sure that 35R is a female, however Boostie is still really TINY and I am not sure if it is a male or female.

I have separated them because 35R left a nice scab on Boostie's backside. :(

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My hamster's name is Teddy. Teddy is a female Roborovski, and she is adorable....:) 

I got her as a birthday present and she loves going in her ball and in her play-pen!

-H :)

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