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I currently have two roborovskis, Button and Jamie.

Jamie is a rescue; a classic agouti boy who will take seeds from me but isn't comfortable with me enough to climb into my hand.

Button I've been able to socalize with a bit since he's younger than Jamie... and he's run around my stomach and shoulders if I lay down in the bathtub.

Anway, I thought Button was a Husky/white face when I bought him, but now I think he might be this new "mottled" color I've heard about. He's just as dark as my agouti Jamie but has white places that remind me of a piebald dog... well, look for yourself. Is he? :DI'm really curious!

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I Heart Minkus

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Yea, my Dewey is a mix of agouti and mottled. See in my profile picture, he looks agouti.

Anyways! Cute lookin' hammies!



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Aww, what a cutie. :)

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i got a female mottled a month and a half ago and she has notgrown at all, i am wondering if she ever will, shes very tiny compared to my two agouti males.

here is her picture, shes still that small i know my boys grew the first few months i had them.



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My robo is called Button too :) I didn't name him though as I adopted him from a pet store (his previous owners had abandoned him) but decided to keep his name cos I thought it was cute :)

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