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dear, wahoo

u were the best hamster i cud ever ask 4 and i love u so much and i loved how u sat in my robe in the morining and came into my room in ur ball. it was a greattime with u and i love every minute of it and i wish u were still here with me 2day and in my hands but sadly ur not:( the saddest thing was the night u were dying and i holded u in my hands not knowing that wud be the last time i saw u! u are in hamste heaven now and i want u 2 know i always love u!


Wahoo #1~ Crazy, first hamster, didn't last long:(

Wahoo #2~ My favorie of all, so sweet, stuff and gave me so much Joy!!!

Pochi~ Crazy, second try, looked like a rat:P

Bubbles~ So sweet, adorable, shy, cuddlier:P

Buttons~ Fat:P, Crazy, Does her own thing

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I'm sorry about Wahoo

R.I.P Wahoo, have fun in hamster heaven.

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I am sorry for your loss. I lost my robo Merry a few months back.:(

           RIP Wahoo in the big Hamster Wheel in the sky!

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I am sorry to hear about the loss of Wahoo.

RIP Wahoo.


RIP Thyme.

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Oh, im so sorry, you were looking for new cage for him just a few weeks ago, werent you?!... sometimes life is just cruel.

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rest well little wahoo

"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln. 

Dear Ana,

Like The BrightestStar


Like the brighteststar your light was never dark

Like God whenever Icalled for you,

You were never far


Like the brighteststar

Your light forevershines

Regardless of thetime


Like the brighteststar

I will seek you inthe night

Your youthful face,

I will hope to find


Like the brighteststar

Your light willnever die

And my love for youwill never decline


Like the brighteststar

You will never move

I will look foryou, as I said I would do

And every night Ishall read this poem to you



Kristina Lewis February 19,2010 7:49 am-7:57 am



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