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I just got Bubbles and Buttons a new cage which i will post pic of soon :D!

So I had a question... I still have some room in the cage so I wanted to ask you guys what your hamster's favourite toy is, so maybe I could get it for my hamsters and see if they like it too!



Wahoo #1~ Crazy, first hamster, didn't last long:(

Wahoo #2~ My favorie of all, so sweet, stuff and gave me so much Joy!!!

Pochi~ Crazy, second try, looked like a rat:P

Bubbles~ So sweet, adorable, shy, cuddlier:P

Buttons~ Fat:P, Crazy, Does her own thing

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My hamsters liked toilet paper rolls. Everything else I bought they basically ignored. I'd just use one of those for your little guys. (:



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my moose seems to get alot of use out of his wheel, a toilet paper tube. and as of today taunting my cat.

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I get a wooden chew a put yogurt on it (low fat of course!;))


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The wheel. :P

Other than that, toilet paper tubes, and a hidey TV thing. :) She sleeps in there sometimes. When I first put in a toilet paper tube, she tried to sleep in it too. XD


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toilet paper rolls. i'd make elaborate designs with him and they loved it


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Try Toilet paper tubes and wheels and sand baths.:D My hammy loves them!


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A wooden log that has holes in it. Smurf loves wriggling from hole to hole, as well as chewing on the wood.


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My best friends hammy loves her bowl of sand.

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