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Sadly, my darling Emma was found dead today. She had been very sick for the last week and the family knew she wasn't going to make it as each day got worse. Nothing the vets could do, but let her pass. We keptt her in her home with all of her items.

She was buried with her favorite treats and in a very secure cardboard box. I'm hoping to move on one day and to open my home to other little pets. I will miss her running on her wheel at 2 am and the playful attitude. She was my second hamster and hopefully not my last.


София and Эмма! <3

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That's so sad! RIP Emma! I have decided to start writing a poem to each little Robo that dies. Here's Emma's:


It seems that our little creatures are here only for a short time,

They will go, but go happily and peacefully,

Into a land with their favorite things, but..

One thing will be missing, forever and always,

A special someone will have been left behind.

But they will be reunited.


Do you like it? I'm sorry for your loss...

My hamsters are named Eskimo, Billie, and Beatrice
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Thank you. It's a very nice poem. Today I saved two little mice from the pet store so it'll be good.


София and Эмма! <3

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Aaah so sorry,RIP Emma,she will be ruuning and having a blast over Rainbow Bridge and smilling down looking over you with fond memories.....:)...Tracy


But welcome to your new 2 furries..:)


Mrs Fish

Please remember "1photo" per album rule guys ok...:D.

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So sad, so sad. Rest well Emma


"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln. 

Dear Ana,

Like The BrightestStar


Like the brighteststar your light was never dark

Like God whenever Icalled for you,

You were never far


Like the brighteststar

Your light forevershines

Regardless of thetime


Like the brighteststar

I will seek you inthe night

Your youthful face,

I will hope to find


Like the brighteststar

Your light willnever die

And my love for youwill never decline


Like the brighteststar

You will never move

I will look foryou, as I said I would do

And every night Ishall read this poem to you



Kristina Lewis February 19,2010 7:49 am-7:57 am



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Emma Will live in our hearts forever! Life in hammy heaven will never take the place of life she had here!


    RIP Merry You Will Always Live In My Heart!<3

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