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Hello, this is my first post! I have a question... Whenever I walk by my hamster's cage, she always crawls up the bars and look at me. She has been doing this for a few weeks. Does anybody know why?
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It could be because she knows you have treats or something.  Or maybe she's bored.  May I ask how big your cage is?  It could be that she doesn't have anything better to do other than stick her head through the bars.

Hamsters need at least 360 square inches of floor space to run around in, preferrably more.  Also, make sure the wheel is solid and is large enough that your hamster doesn't have to arch her back in order to run in it.  And make sure she has plenty of chews and toys to keep her busy. :)



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as Lynchee said, the cage must be at least 360 sq. in. but 460 sq. in. is a much better size to shoot for.  If the cage is the right size and he still climbs then it is not unusual behavior.  My hamsters always used to love to climb on things, no matter if it was my arm, the water bottle, anything.  He might be just an entergectic hamster.  :)



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