When I first started looking into Roborovski hamsters, it became frustrating that there were almost no websites dedicated just to them. That's why I started this site. It's devoted to Roborovski hamsters, giving you all the facts and information you need to buy, care for, tame and breed Robos in one convenient place.

Roborovski hamsters (Phodopus roborovskii) are the the smallest and fastest of all hamsters, can live up to 2 to 3 and a half years, and are commonly kept as household pets. They are curious and easily startled, however very rarely bite. Although their suitability as pets is further diminished by their small size (4-5cm long) and speed, Roborovskis are extremely affectionate towards each other. Their social nature means that when housed together at an early age, they sleep in one place and indeed eat, play etc. together. On this website, you can find much of the information you need to know about acquiring, taming, housing, feeding, sexing, naming and breeding Roborovski's.

Recent Site Updates

14th November 2014: Many apologies for the long outage, it's good to be back!

15th January 2014: The site has turned 6 years old! It's come a long way, and here's to the next 6 years! Keep the community thriving by adding more PhotosVideosStories and Forum posts

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Pages to visit

  • For all the basic information about Roborovski hamsters, visit the General Info page. 
  • For how Robos came to be kept as common pets and where they originated, visit the History page.
  • What features to look out for when purchasing a healthy Robo can be found on theAcquiring page.
  • Robos can be identified by their unique features; find out more on the Appearancepage.
  • For information about fighting, wound treatment, mites, wet tail, the spinning defect, genetics, taxonomy etc. can be found on the Health and genetics page.
  • For a full list of what Robo's can eat and what should be avoided can be seen on theFeeding page.
  • Information about safe/hazardous nesting and bedding can be found on theBedding page.
  • To find out which cages and aquariums are suitable for housing Robo's, visit the Housing page.
  • There are plenty of products available to keep your Robo's cage interesting and fun such as wheels, tubes and houses. Find out more on the Toys page.
  • Although it's hard to tame stubborn Robos, it can be done. Visit the Taming page for more info.
  • For general information about breeding Roborovskis, preparing for the birth and raising pups can be found on the Breeding pages. Photos of Robo pups are also located there.
  • Sometimes pet stores can get the gender of a Robo wrong. To check for yourself, visit Sexing page.
  • A checklist of items needed before purchasing a Robo can be found on the Checklist page.
  • The FAQ features frequently asked questions, please check there before emailing a question.

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