Tic and Tac are my two Roborovski Hamsters, I tell them apart from each other by the way they react to me putting my hand in their aquarium. Tac acts ok and doesn't really mind it but Tic goes crazy and runs around like mad! Oh, and I have just added photos of Coco, my Syrian Hamster. He's not mentioned anywhere else on the site.

If you are going to take my photo's, please ask! I'll send them via email, it'll be better quality.

Every month I will take photos of my two Roborovski's and post them here. Click on the month to see the photo's. By the way, I take all my photos with a Nikon CoolPix 995 SLR Camera, flash on (If you want to take good pictures with any camera of fast moving little animals, always have the flash on) and set to Macro mode.

Tic and Tac's statistics!

On the 15th March 2008, I made a radical change to Tic and Tac's aquarium. Yep, I attatched a speedometer (bike computer) onto their wheel! Every day or so, I will post onto this page their nightly/daily records (in miles)of how far they went, what their average speed was, what the maximum speed was, how long they took to do the distance and finally how far they've gone since I attatched the speedometer (Odo). I will also how you how to attatch it to your Roborovski's wheel (on the 'Roborovski fun' page).

 I update this chart every day or so.

Date  Daily Distance Time on wheel Maximum Speed Odo
 15th - 16th March     12.64 miles 7hrs 3mins 4secs 3.2 mph 12.64 miles
 16th - 17th March      14.22 miles    7hrs 30mins 26secs 3.5 mph          26.86 miles
 17th - 18th March     17.00 miles    9hrs 8mins 31secs  3.5 mph          43.86 miles
 18th - 19th March    17.81 miles    9hrs 4mins 19secs ?                    61.67 miles
 19th - 25th March   105.25 miles ? went on holiday     4.0 mph   187.82 miles

 25th - 26th March    18.11 miles  8hrs 59mins 12secs     3.7 mph 205.93 miles
 26th - 27th March    20.82 miles 8hrs 38mins 50secs 3.6 mph    226.65 miles
 27th - 28th March      20.83 miles    8hrs 59mins 42 secs   3.8 mph    247.49 miles
 28th - 29th March     20.02 miles 8hrs 30mins 42secs   3.8 mph 268.51 miles
 29th - 30th March   21.37 miles 9hrs 9mins 30secs 4.0 mph 290.38 miles
 30th - 31st March15.49 miles 6hrs 52mins 04secs 4.1 mph 305.87 miles   
 31st - 1st March/April 19.05 miles 8hrs 48mins 36secs 3.9 mph 326.92 miles
 1st - 2nd April 6.67 miles 2hrs 44mins 05secs 4.1 mph 333.59 miles
 2nd - 3rd April18.94 miles 8hrs 21mins 39secs4.0 mph 352.53 miles
 3rd - 4th April         23.88 miles8hrs 56mins 30secs 4.3mph 375.51miles
 4th - 5th April21.27 miles8hrs 30mins 21secs 4.0mph 396.78miles
 5th - 6th April21.87 miles9hrs 21mins 20secs 4.1mph 418.67miles
 6th - 7th April ? accidentaly  ?deleted ?times?
 7th - 8th April           10.47 miles 4hrs 13mins 54secs4.1 mph 454.4 miles


I am sorry for not updating this chart for a while now. It's just some technical problems with the speedo.

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