Sand Bathing

Never bathe your hamster in liquid, unless told to by the vet (for instance, this might be the case if your hamster gets mites).

When this site mentions hamster 'bathing', we are referring to sand bathing. Put simply, a hamster 'bath' is a small bowl half full of Chinchilla dust (also known as Chinchilla sand or Chinchilla dusting powder).

The very fine sand helps remove oils in a Robo's coat, keeping the fur clean and shiny.

(There is no need to fear if the Robo eats a small amount of the sand to begin with). Your Robo will be confused as to what the bowl of sand is for at the begininning, but he'll work out what it's for eventually.

If you think your Robo is not using the bath, don't worry, he probably is. It's very rare to actually see your Robo roll around in the dust, and when you do, it is quite hilarious!

(example of a 3kg pack of Chinchilla dusting powder - can be bought at most large pet stores)

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