Mites are little rodent fleas which attack your Roborovski's skin and fur.

There are a handful of signs - scratching, bald patches, wet fur and pink flesh/ears. Sometimes you might even see the mites jumping around the Roborovski's fur.

Mite infections are very contagous, so it is essential that you isolate the affected Roborovski(s) immediately.

Treating the Mite Infection

Isolate the hamster(s) and clean out the entire cage. After sterilising the cage and providing fresh bedding, spray the cage with anti-mite spray designed for caged birds or small animals (easily purchased from any branded pet store or vet). 

Spray the hamster with the anti-mite spray while shielding its eyes and head. For effective treatment the anti-mite fluid should come in contact with the skin, otherwise the mites cannot be killed effectively.

Unless the ailment bottle states otherwise, the treatment is repeated once a week until all signs of mites and itching are gone. Often no more than 2 treatments are necessary to cure a mild mite infestation. If there is no improvement after 2 weeks or the condition seems to get worse rapidly, consult a vet. Discomfort by dry and scaly skin can be relieved somewhat by rubbing in olive oil (on the end of a cotton bud), which is harmless when ingested by the hamster.

Before and after handling your hamster, wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap to prevent spreading the infection. Hamster mites can bite humans, causing small welts, but they cannot live in human skin. So rodent mites will not cause scabies in humans.

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