Malnutrition Chart

Complete chart below is courtesy of member Hubii

Malnutrition ailments
Deficiency of Symptoms Found in
Protein Poor coat, hair loss, pneumonia, infertility and poor growth of young animals, agression (both too much and too little) Peas, beans, soya, cheese, egg.
Vitamin A Pneumonia, damage to mucous membrane or eyes, growth problems, diarrhoea and general infections, cramps, small litters. Root vegetables, egg-yolk, fresh greens, bananas and other fruit, cheese.
Vitamin B complex Hair loss, reduced fertiliy, weight loss, trembling, nervous symptoms, anaemia, infections. Oat flakes, greens, fruit, clover, dog biscuits, grains.
Vitamin C The hamster produces this itself, deficiency rarely a problem, growth problems, poor bone condition. Greens, fruit.
Vitamin D Too much vitamin D causes calcium loss in bones and calcium deposits in blood vessels. Dairy products, egg-yolk.
Vitamin E Infertility, muscle infections, nervous problems, bleeding and poor growth of young animals. Egg-yolk, sprouting grains, fresh grains, greens.
Vitamin K (Nose) bleeding, poor healing of wounds and growth problems. Greens.
Calcium Normally produced in the animal's intestines. Lameness, calcium loss in bones and broken teeth. Mineral blocks/licks, dairy products, sepia, varied diet.
Potassium Weight loss, heart problems and ascitis wetness in open abdominal cavity. Fruit.
Sodium Can only occur with serious diarrhoea. Cheese, varied diet.
Magnesium Restlessness, irritability, cramps, diarrhoea and hair loss. Greens, grains.
Iron Anaemia, stomach and intestinal disorders, infertility. Greens, grains, meat.
Iodine Metabolic disorders and thyroid gland abnormalities. Greens, grains, water.

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