Roborovski's have 34 chromosomes (Humans have 46 and Syrian Hamsters have 44) they do not seem to have any genetic predisposition to disease although they seem to suffer from "inbreeding depression". This means that when when colonies are left to breed for several generations, the offspring appear to be less fertile and start mating at a later age. As the offspring begin to mate between themselves even more, the pups are born weaker and weaker. It comes to such a stage that only one pup out of 6 survives naturally. it is always best to introduce new bloodlines by mating completely un-related partner.


Animal Kingdom

ORDER: Rodentia
FAMILY: Cricetidae
GENUS: Phodopus
SPECIE: Roborovskii 

All animals are subdivided in different orders (type of animal) In the case of the hamster this is the order: Rodentia. (Rodents)

The rodents are subdivided in different families. The hamster belongs to the family: Cricetidae.

The different hamster families are subdivided again in different genera. The genus is a grouping in the classification of living organisms having one or more related and morphologically similar species.

The genus the Roborovski belongs to, along with the Campbell and the Russian Winter White dwarf hamsters is the genus: Phodopus. And last the specie is: Roborovskii.

The genus and the specie name form the scientific name for the animal, so the full scientific name for the Roborovski hamster is thePhodopus Roborovskii. 

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