Roborovski's can get diarrhoea very easily, as vegetion in the wild is scarce. The signs are runny waste and not wanting to eat or drink. Hamsters can get diarrhoea because of incorrect diet or a sudden change in food. In some cases, it has been in combination with draughts or dampness in their sleeping area. Other causes include rotten food, dirty drinking water or feeding them too many vegetables. It is best to seperate the Roborovski that has diarrhoea from the healthy ones if you have more than one Robo.

Unfortunatley, diarrhoea is often fatal for Roborovski's, but not if caught at an early stage. If you notice any signs of diarrhoea there is stuff treat it. You can treat the diarrhoea by feeding it only dry bread, rice cakes and crispbread and replacing its normal water with lukewarm camomile tea. It is also a good idea to change its nesting and toilet area twice a day and when you notice the Robo starting to get better, disinfect its cage thoroughly.

Things you can do to reduce the chances of your hamster/s getting diarrhoea include: removing any old and/or rotten food from his cage, renewing his drinking water every day, and feeding him some raspberry leaves.

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