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This was made by me please dont use it, without my permission. 

I'm a university student studying marine biology and Animal behaviour . I'm currently actively studying Roborovoski Behaviour. With a family unit of 13* We call these "wild" type and have a large 12ft by 4ft deep enclosure with is packed with a mix of earth/sand and silt. 

My Family
Past and Present.


Misfit (F) WF - Rehomed
Sonic (M) AG - Rehomed
Rambo (M) AG - Rehomed

Mayhem (F) AG-wc  (MisfitxRambo) - Rehomed
Budda (M) WF - Rehomed
Bubba (M) WF (MayhemxBudda) - Rehomed

Chaos (F) AG-wc (MayhemxBudda)
Bella (F) WF (MayhemxBudda)
Havok (M) AG-wc (MayhemxBudda)  - Rehomed, RIP
Cataclysm (M) WF (MayhemxBudda) - Rehomed, RIP
Scooby (M) AG-wc (MayhemxBudda)  -
Shaggy (M) AG-wc (MayhemxBudda)  - Rehomed
Igor (M) WF (MayhemxBudda) - Rehomed
Snow (F) WF (MayhemxBudda)  - Rehomed
Flake (F) WF (MayhemxBudda) - Rehomed
Lady (F) WF (MayhemxBudda) - RIP

Poptart  (F) Pied
Poppet (F) Pied
Smudge (F) White - RIP
Yuki (M) White - (Rescue) - Rehomed 

Russian Dwarf's
Scar (M) - (Rescue)  - Rehomed

Harry (M) - RIP
Harriate (F) - RIP
Moo (F) - RIP

I'm a http://roborovskihamsters.webs.com Moderator! If you need help, or have a question, feel free to contact me!

To see my hammys check out the Information Tab!

To See All my Hammy Photo's please check out my Flickr account! NEW photo's added!! 18/12/2011

To see all the Video's of my Hammys check here!


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Reply thejoyofsocks
4:49 PM on June 21, 2012 
PLease help me! It can't wait! I'm panicking because I brought two hammys (supposed to be both males) that had a litter. I removed the dad as soon as i identified him but now ive found yet another litter. the first litter is 3 weeks old. should i seperate them prematurley? can the mum breast-feed 10 babies?! Thanks soooo much, i don't want any of them to die!
Reply Spike/Jayda
9:55 PM on March 9, 2012 
I am terrified that when cleaning my children's hamster cage that I am going to not see if our female hamster has given birth, and accidentally throw the babies out with the bedding. I provide enough bedding for them so that they tunnel throught it. What is a sure sign that she has given birth? She is about 5 months old now..give or take..she was from a petstore and I am not sure the exact age.
Reply MinkyMink and Dew.
6:57 PM on March 5, 2012 
Lol ok! Cuz I was like "WOAH" when I saw that they weren't on in ages. They were on every ten minutes. before.

But M'kay good to know.

Chat with ya later!

Reply MinkyMink and Dew.
8:48 PM on March 3, 2012 

Not sure if you remember me, but I'm pretty sure I remember you. You're a mod now huh? I'm pretty sure you weren't when I left. Congrats m'dear!

If you don't mind me asking, are you aware of whatever happened to the other mods such as Mrs.Fish, Pip, etc.etc.? They don't seem to be around?
Reply Salt & Pepper
4:44 PM on February 16, 2012 
Thanks for all the help on the forums!! The detailed answers you gave me were really useful :)
I have my little robo hamsters, Salt and Pepper, now.
Reply Gem
1:44 PM on February 16, 2012 
Oh cool, whereabouts in Manchester, how old r u? may I ask? :)
Reply Gem
11:50 AM on February 16, 2012 
Hey, from one Manc to another! :) can you read my post n help me pls? :)
Reply A.N.JELL
8:00 AM on February 14, 2012 
Sorry i need help here,My hamster is a robovski but it does not run in it's wheel for one day..I last time carry it in the air too many time..May i know wad is going to happen?
Reply tae
12:12 PM on December 24, 2011 
Cute Xmas photo!
Reply TinkaHams
10:45 AM on October 16, 2011 
Sorry ive not been on having Internet problems :(
Reply Evelyn
10:21 PM on September 20, 2011 
thank you for all of your suggestion yaa =DD
it really helps me a lot =)
Reply tae
4:13 PM on September 19, 2011 
Congratulations on becoming a moderator!
Reply Hannah Jones
2:17 PM on September 18, 2011 
Hey! *Love* your photos and videos of your Robos! :D
Reply Rose_fog
4:53 PM on September 8, 2011 
All your robo photos are so ADORABLE!
Reply mediumcool
3:32 AM on August 22, 2011 
Also points for you for being a Manc. Even more if you're a red devil fan.
Reply mediumcool
2:51 AM on August 22, 2011 
Yeaaa....Bucky loves his. It's cute because when I call his name, he pokes his nose out of one of the windows and sniffs the air.
Reply Amanda
1:25 PM on August 21, 2011 
Hey, I can see in your signature that you have a new hammy! (Poppet)

How in the world did you make those? It looks like each are customized to look like your hamsters. Just wondering how you did it.
Reply Pip_<3
12:44 PM on August 5, 2011 
Thanks! I love your photo too!
Reply Amanda
11:59 AM on August 2, 2011 
No problem. And thanks!
Reply Amanda
9:01 PM on August 1, 2011 
I LOVE your profile picture! It is sooo cute :)
What type of Robo is that? A white faced?

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