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My Robos, Russians, Syrians and Mice 

Bluebell & Sundance

Norris,Toffee & Boo Boo

AK 47 & Molotov

Snowy, Mini, Patch, Blackie & Treacle

And not forgettingthe ones I have lost RIP,

Honey ,Mini ,Manuel ,Basil ,Kami ,Dooley,

Bessie , Bobby, Baldric, Queenie, Butch, Choccy & Daisy

"All I am interested in is providing the best life for the little creatures I adopt"


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Reply MrsFish
5:01 PM on October 19, 2010 
Haha is that Norris in your profile picture?....Tracy:)
Reply MrsFish
12:16 PM on August 23, 2010 
Aaww -loving the pink nose just popping out there ! :),Bluebell/Daisy welcome I suppose then :)..
Reply MrsFish
7:56 PM on August 21, 2010 
Hi Dukeslady thx ,I really enjoy this site lol,where's Bessie gone from your profile picy & whos the new cutie?...
Reply cmon67
6:42 PM on August 3, 2010 
thanks for the advice, today is jule's and marshmelllow's 2nd day together and they are getting along fine, as a matter of fact they actually slept together (just slept), but there is one thing that troubles me is marshmellow's b.o and i was wondering if you knew how to get rid of the b.o..?..?..
Reply HamsterMonster
11:30 PM on July 19, 2010 
May all the lost ones live happily over the Rainbow Bridge ...
Reply MrsFish
4:52 PM on July 17, 2010 
Oh no not another sad loss :( ,RIP Honey ....who's the little cutie in the piccy?
Reply Piparazzi
10:58 AM on July 16, 2010 
Awww... RIP Honey, Mini. Manuel, Basil, and Kami...
Reply MrsFish
5:51 PM on July 2, 2010 
RIP Mini,another one lost but not the love:).Hope your well? besides your sad
Reply Piparazzi
12:12 PM on June 30, 2010 
Where have you been, Dukeslady? The forums isn't the same without you!
Reply MrsFish
11:53 AM on May 20, 2010 
Hello there we have decided to put an extra floor onto existing house,thanks for help though...,hope yout not working to hard?.Tracy:)
Reply MrsFish
12:49 PM on May 8, 2010 
Hi do you still use the Hammlington Palace ,it looks well fun ,was it easy inserting the tubing as I like this set up ,might get my hubby to build one,do/did they fight over the boxes? Thanks Tracy:)
Reply Muffin+Truffles xx
1:41 PM on April 16, 2010 
Thanks for the help! it was really usefull :) x
Reply Berkana
4:11 PM on February 1, 2010 
Oh wow that's impressive! Way more than me. Currently on - 1 dog, 2 budgies, 3 robo's, 4 rats. And my housemate has a snake. Will be getting a new syrian soon when I can find a rescue one as my last one died recently.

Don't tell my landlord - we're not allowed pets ;D
Reply Berkana
4:06 PM on February 1, 2010 
hehe I also have a dog - he's recently come to stay with me from my mum's as I left him there a few years ago when I moved out, but he's back with me now. My bedroom looks like a petshop lol
Reply Bluerose
4:14 PM on January 19, 2010 
I'm just worried at the moment that she wont warm to me, she just runs away when I try to make any contact with her. Did it take long with yours?
Reply Bluerose
4:06 PM on January 19, 2010 
Hi, thanks for the add....Speak soon x
Reply Nicole Hogan
12:14 AM on January 16, 2010 
Your very impressive, can i add you to my friends list please? Thanks in advance.
Ameda Ultra
Reply Andi
1:35 AM on January 6, 2010 
Add me!i got no freinds and im new! :(
Reply Hannah Jones
10:18 AM on December 20, 2009 
I'm going to move your entry for 'Christmas cages' to the festive scene album, as it's not a cage. Great decoration though!
Reply ThoriosKryftos
2:11 PM on November 9, 2009 
thanks for the welcome! I have many "hamstery"-questions, I'll post them one of these days, hope you and the other guys can help!!!!

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