Readers' Roborovski homes Readers' Roborovski homes Home to Chibi and Telly (aquarium, read description) This was Chibi's and Telly's cage before they started fighting and had to be seperated (to a hexagonal reptarium, see next photo). 29221049 Home to Daxx and Dalie 29221051 Home to Jack and Cash 29221052 Home to Macaroni 29221053 Enzoflip and Twoscoops┤cage 98754452 Home to Chibi and Telly (hexagonal reptariums, read description) To keep them from hurting each other, Kara has seperated them and put them in these hexagonal reptariums. See previous photo for their aquarium before the fighting. 29221050 Home to Minnie 29221054 Home to Mojo and Jojo Seems familiar? Dominick copied Tic and Tac's aquarium very well! 29221055 My space home 99377362 Home to Alpha, Betha and Delta 29221048 Home to Paulie 29221056 Old cage set-up Had to separate them all because of fighting 113105326 Home to Pinto, Lima and Garban&#122;o 29221057 New cage set-up Zues(left) Penelope(right) 113105327 Home to Sisserpants 29221058 Penelope's cage :) He's in his castle :D 113105328 Home to Sputnik 29221079 Zues's Cage He loooooves toilet paper xD 113105329 Home to Tony 29221080 Zues again with the toilet paper 113105330 Before adding more tubes. 31568392 Home to Bubu/Rocket/Timmy 32966213 Penelope <3 113105332 Home to Angel 35007475 Penelope! ^_^ 113105333 Home to Daisy 35947536 Home to Ernie and Wally 36801684 Old cage arangment 113105335 Angel's home The new addition to Angel's home, owned by Amy 37150260 After cleaning xD 113105336 BJ's Robo's habitats 2 of BJ's Robo's after the third was injured in a fight. 42323617 Mo Jo And Jo Jo's latest cage set up. mo jo and jo jo's cage they have to cages and do different set ups each time the other cage is a 3 tier perfecto tank soon i am going to cut a whole out of the bottom of the clear seal tank and sand it down then stack them on top of each other. 39908907 Neon & Ultra's Home I've added a whole lot of new stuff, mainly the two towers on the smaller cage which they enjoy quite a bit. :) 40909793 Home to Rohroe This is Rohroe's cage inside her playpen with the chinchilla sand bowl, pu&#122;&#122;le playground and some toilet rolls. 42571945 Tater & Twitch's Home This is their three level home. 42797468 home to Nugget The blanket in the backround is his favorite so i drape over his cage to keep cool! 45525605 Home to Mufasa and Simba this is after we had to seperate them for fighting. 45222773 Beeblebrox's Home 46314568 Zaphods Home 46314569 Cookies and Coco's House 46615932 Mr.doughnuts Cage This is Mr. doughnuts cage. 47606221 Rupert & Pumpkin's home I bought a massive tub from focus and converted it into a hamster cage. It was a lot cheaper than the fidly and expensive ones you buy in pet shops and you get halla loads more of space! 48334086 Topsy Family Cage This is the new cage we were given, despite having some tricky vertical tunnels Topsy and her five babies really enjoy it. 49329522 Home to Bonbon and Ponpon Built the shelves with my Dad. 51106781 Mac & Tosh's Hamster Heaven I just added on my second addition of mac & tosh's home tonight! so far, they LOVE it!! I've only had them for a little over one month, but its great! 50428252 Robot's Home It's a little bit of a commute from house to play pen but I think she likes it. You can't see it from here but she has a water bottle, wheel, food, and a tube in the cage and a wheel (that i need to replace), a little igloo, and a couple tubes in the playpen. 52873617 old home...remodeled interior :) LOVE the slide 51267128 Nacho Suprisingly nacho is a guy and his home is all pink! 53333075 Nachos new home He was getting tiard of his old cage so i got an unused cage from my neighbor and now he's happier than ever! 54956554 Rotastak FunFair.... Speedy & Marvins cage :D 57107003 Emma and Eli&#122;abeths Bin cage! Hi, I decided that since I rearrange them so much to keep my hamsters from getting bored I would just take a side picture! So this is my girls bin cage. They are both 22 by 16! (with and length) Please comment! =) 59515631 The Frage&#122;eichen Gang Home to 6 Robos 54381737 Aretha Franklin's Homemade Cage I built this out of a book shelf, plexiglas, and some brass hardware. I think it will do nicely. Now I can see pretty much everything she does. Oh and the front folds down for easy access. Which is the main reason I built it. 58416370 Peeps first day home I have since changed the wheel... 59962135 Romeo checking out Peeps Cat body guard 59962140 Jasmine and Bazmati's Bin Cage This is their bin cage with a screen top. Please comment!!! 63703948 Home To Squeaky & Zippy Any ideas on extending the size of this home are most welcomed. I would like to keep this as my base and just add to it. The ball behind the cage is used daily for exercise. It can be used stationary, on a stand, or around the house. We do Both! Ideas PLease?> 64381314 Tinnie and Tiny's cage Owned by Angela. The cage is a CritterTrail X. 62763736 Jo Jo's cage its a big cage for one hamster! Jo Jo's cage after the death of Mo Jo RIP 65802704 Just cleaned the tank Owned by John 66239480 munchie's home this was munchie's first day home observe top for next pic 66431344 Mayor McCheese Mansion 66218687 Pistachio's Place January 23, 2010- He really loves this setup! :) 67057549 My 7 robos old home Home of Tink, Fawn, Rossie, Essie, and Silvermist, Tofu and Sushi (see next for new one) 67766282 My Robo's home Hehe, let's play that game, how many robos do you see in the picture? :D 67089677 My robos new home Tink, Fawn, Rossie, Essie, Silvermist, Tofu and Sushi's new and improved home 68399355 The Borrowers' Home owned by Joanne Snaith - 68575087 My Hamster Cage My Hamster Cage 68499837 10 Gallon Example aquarium (Thanks to Nessaellen, 68939861 20 Gallon Example aquarium (Thanks to Nessaellen, 68939862 Ben + Holly's Little Kingdom lol freshly cleaned 70859408 Jeemie's home. The home which Jeemie lives in, ever since Beano was seperated 70174878 71787246 Hammie Toys! I know this obviously isnt a cage but I wanted to show everyone my toys! We should have a toys album! 72187442 Noe's home! 72919362 Holiday Home Built for Tony, Paulie and Sputnik by Tony. 73395646 73396431 chaps and check's home 73631254 One whole family Top cage is Mother Cabbage and 3 babies girl Below cage is Father Justice and 1 baby boy 74036727 Hamster heaven 74661776 Bens new home after Holly was bein nasty Bens new home after Holly was bein nasty think i might get another for holly they were only ´┐Ż16 and they climb the tubes fine, need to clean hollys out tho 75372097 The Mayor McCheese Estate All-Inclusive Resort for Mayor McCheese 75688533 The Roborovski Penthouse Suite Home to Itsy and Bitsy 75723387 Eccles and muffins cage the one on the right was oriinally kiwis and cocoas but the cage had to be extended when eccles and muffin were separated and now has two extra bin cages :) A mansion for my two hammies 75980960 Example Cage (Tac's old cage, recoloured etc, for Housing page) 76370215 Tunnels' new Hamster Mansion. I connected 2 of her cages with my old aquarium to make 3 stories. the first floor has her food, second floor has her home, and the third floor has her wheel. she likes it :) 68532339 Nora and Dora's boudoir - owner: Littlepaz Here's Nora + Dora's den!!! 77399797 Jo Jo's Penthouse! You may wonder why its called the Penthouse look carefully beneath the log cabin there is a rotastak circular pod. Full with saw dust for burying a log! I think she likes this lots to explore 84846413 Laffy and Taffy's Tank 85201815 Aquarium of Summer and Spring. 85656787 Aquarium of Summer and Spring. This is decorated differently. 85656788 Zippy and Bullet's cage 90569371 91101504 91101505 91101506 Hammy home This is the newly made home for Skittle, Fudge, Haribo, and Buttons! an old fish tank, eventually want to put some shelves in here, but this will do for now :D Much better than their tiny starter cage! 91819657 Hammy home 2 Their is a pot at the back right that has a few holes in they like running in and out of it, lots of tubes for them to hide in too :D 91820055 Ramona and her babies cage 91894270 Ramona and her babies cage 91894271 Josefina and her daughters' home 92142896 From the top (lid) The tape is only temporary but its on the outside & the hamsters can't reach it. 92163188 Front View (Bought prducts Left to right) trixie digging tower, trxie wooden cabin, silent spinner 4.5". I made the platform from 4 wooden spoons & a chopping board. 92163189 Left view How everything fits in. 92163190 Right View The steps are made from wooden spoon heads. I like to hide treats on them. Theres a hammock, tp tubes & egg boxes. 92163191 Top (No Lid) You can see the platform. (im going to put a little bath up there soon. 92163193 Ben + Hollys new ovo pads 94144425 buubles and buttons cage!!!!! they will be getting a new cage soon! plzz comment 93075925 Ben + hollys Play Gym 94147434 Coco's home for now Im going to expand her home soon but this is what it looks like for now 94309241 First house We bought our first two robo on july 27, 2010 and this was the basic house that we assambled while looking for ideas to build something nice (by the way this was the only site that we look for ideas ; ) 94952281 New House After several weeks of searching,on august 11,2010 this was the final product !!! 94952282 bubbles and buttons new cage 95134871 Thmbelina, Alice and Samii-kins' old cage Although I hate this cage, its home to Thumbelina, Alice, and Samii-kins. This is their old cage now. 95242562 Thmbelina, Alice and Samii-kins' new bin Home to Thumbelina, Alice, and Samii-kins. It has been changed greatly since this photo. 96211734 zippy's old cage i edited it so it looked cool. 95357336 90844481 Paws' and Rascal's home I know it's not a very good picture. This is where Paws and Rascal are living currently but they're going to have a new home, a plastic box. 98660092 Blossoms home sweet home Owner = Loz / I uploaded a photo of her cage purely for advice whether I should upgrade for her or not. I know its not the best but since I took that photo I have bought her new bowls and put some hammy sand in! 99812198 Cage! I'm using tank from Exo Terra Faunarium PT-2310 Easier to maintain the cage and monitor the robos. 101687450 ace's house i re-did ace's cage he loves it 101967144 Robbie & Rosie's pad :) 102591426 Valtteri's bin cage Made from KIS Omni Box 55x36x39 (Now old cage) 108688644 Louis and Tater tot's Three Story Condo This cage is very roomy! 102609599 Valtteri's bin cage Made from KIS Omni Box 55x36x39 (Now old cage) 108688645 Cage! latest decoration for my tank! :) 102936901 Valtteri's bin cage Made from KIS Omni Box 55x36x39 (Now old cage) 108688646 Valtteri's new home I made it from IKEA APA-chest (cost only 14,95 euros ~ 20 US dollars). As a front wall I used 3 mm plexiglass. All wood parts are painted with Maston Aqua lacquer. It's "child safe" (EN 71-3). There's plastic covering the inner floor and plexiglass half through the sidewalls. The lid is drilled with hundreds of holes. (Now old cage) 113163690 Louis and Tater tot's new cage!!!!!! I love how big and playful it is!!!!!!!! 104488373 Valtteri's new home I made it from IKEA APA-chest (cost only 14,95 euros ~ 20 US dollars). As a front wall I used 3 mm plexiglass. All wood parts are painted with Maston Aqua lacquer. It's "child safe" (EN 71-3). There's plastic covering the inner floor and plexiglass half through the sidewalls. The lid is drilled with hundreds of holes. (Now old cage) 113163691 Anastasia's Home This is the current cage I use. I'm working on a new cage made from a big fish tank (I'm getting two robos for Christmas). In the mean time, any suggestions for this cage? 104996625 The Home of Jarlsberg, Brick, Brie, ans Emmentaler 106778415 C&C New Home! Hey! I just recently got 2 robo's! This is there home! At this moment there both sleeping! It is Ah-Dorable! 107833177 Habitrail OVO Chip II and Buddy's cage! Ain't it pwetty? Lol. They love it! 105565644 Polly&Poppy cage I think these work best as a cage, did have a rotastak cage for first couple of days but my little robos struggled with the vertical tubes. Now they seem happy and love running round this cage ! ! 105695051 Polly&Poppy cage Decided to put a picture of above so you can see all their toys and stuff, bit hard to see it all through the side photo =]. 105695052 Ripley and Spock 110823696 Jinx's and Rocky's Cage This is the bin that my hamsters Jinx and Rocky live in 110987812 Dewey's crittertrail This is Dewey's home, from a far view. 111549561 New Set Up I felt like this offered more variety. But I have to stop changing things. It's like a puzzle I can't stop rearranging. 110890698 Zippy's Newest Cage 111770356 Bullet's Cage 111770357 Chiquita's current home Here is Chiquita's current home, I made a second level for her with wood and I made a little staircase! This cage is 24" x 15". 111922286 tinys home 114976037 Cosita's current home This is Cosita's home, I also built her a second level and staircase with wood. This is a 20L aquarium, a lot of space for the little one! There she is in the right corner. 111922647 Staircase Here is a close up of the staircase I made for them, one for each cage. I was surprised it turned out so well, yay for popsicle sticks! It's so fun to watch them run up the steps. 111923241 Albus's New Tank This is Albus's new tank. He was in a 10 gallon. This is a 20 gallon long. I am gathering the supplies for a divider as I am [carefully] considering introducing a mate to him. 112311802 Split cage AFTER This was the split cage after I added the second levels. However, they are now in separate cages. 111923242 Valtteri's cage - Current setup By the way that wheel is awesome! Doesn't make any noise. The wheel is Karlie Wonderland Bogie wheel, 15cm/5.9 inch. (Now old cage) 129616631 Mochi's Tank Yes, this is an aerial view of Mochi's tank. I change it and rearrange everything inside of it every two weeks, just to keep things interesting - just so that monotony doesn't build up. Maybe I'll keep on swapping potos every two weeks... 122197185 Valtteri's cage - Current setup By the way that wheel is awesome! Doesn't make any noise. The wheel is Karlie Wonderland Bogie wheel, 15cm/5.9 inch. (Now old cage) 129616632 Split cage BEFORE This is what the split cage looked like before I added the second level, not much space. I split the aquarium one time because I was getting tired of cleaning two big cages each week. However, it didn't really work out as Cosita jumped over to the other side. I have since kept them in their own cages, but I may try to do this again once I completely secure both sides. 111924023 Home to my two little robos Shy and Swift 113061485 Pip and Squeaks playground! This is their playpen that i let them out daily in.... it gives them plenty of exercise! 115305377 Their home This is their home sweet home 115305378 Home of Sunny and Skittles This is my hamsters' home. I recently added the large tube thing, but I think that next time I clean out their cage I'll use a different thing. It takes up a lot of room! 119930360 Pampered......pampered :-) 117499403 122248202 122788986 Home to Sugar :3 125259612 Towers this is a picture of my tank with 1 tower in it. 125378696 Towers 2 My tank with 2 towers in it... 125378697 first robo hamster may 14 2011 just set up her first home ,purchased her at petco in watertown,ma.. bought her house and everything at pet supplies plus medford,ma named her Sweet Pea 125958571 Sweet Pea May 11 2011 first day adoption Sweet pea right after putting her in her new tank! 125958572 Daisy & Clovers Home Homemade house made from large storage containers and Rotastak tunes. Beauty with this house is I can just keep adding layers and Rotastak accesories 127547292 Snowy, Humphrey & Wellington's little house :) 130660736 Seannah's Cage This is my 4 story cage that I have for my two Robos. This cage is really easy to clean and take apart. My Robos simply love it. If you have Robos, I highly recommend getting a big cage because as you know, Robos love to be active and with a cage like this; theres plenty to do! My hamsters are never bored! (This is a really old picture. I should take another picture to replace this one. I took this the very first night I got them. They were exploring the cage. Do you see them in the bottem story?) 133530082 Sushi's Shelter I had to put the tubes on an angle because even though the tubes are made for dwarf hamsters they are still big for Sushi. He seems to love running around the place and next paycheck or so I'm buying another set to expand his little palace. 135907481 The Boys New digs. This the new home for the boys - Rambo and Sonic, that's why there is so few toys. After little while I shall place in the digging pit and climbing wall for them and moremore toys xD 135969792 Extended home Fudge and Pebble living in luxury!! 137031266 137459690 In the tube As you can see they have a tube. They put alot of bedding in it!!!!! 138231596 Tornado Running on his Wheel. 138231597 Valtteri's Ikea BILLY-cage - Without Lid I made this for him out of these: The lid is pine frames with wire mesh. Cage measurements: 80x35x30cm 142740722 That Face Again Twister turns away for a fail photo shoot! 138231598 Home Two Critter Trail starter sets are conected with a tube!!!! 138231852 Valtteri's Ikea BILLY-cage I made this for him out of these: The lid is pine frames with wire mesh. Cage measurements: 80x35x30cm 142739565 Sophie's home she loves the tubes and wheels 138538133 Home to Malek and Jai :) Made by myself - :) 139206260 Camo Hammy Home! Im trying out fleece and cotton... im home all the time and can watch if there is chewing... i only have 2 guy now named Jefferson. 140413221 Valtteri's Ikea BILLY-cage - Sleeping Box Valtteri's sleeping box with half lid and little ladders. 142740723 Twix and Reese's home 140847262 Robo rolling 141042680 Robo rolling2 141042681 Valtteri's Ikea BILLY-cage I made this for him out of these: The lid is pine frames with wire mesh. Cage measurements: 80x35x30cm 142739566 Robo 141042682 Robo Tunnel 141042683 Robo Tunnel 141042684 Robo Tunnel 141042685 Robo Tunnel 141042686 Valtteri's Ikea BILLY-cage I made this for him out of these: The lid is pine frames with wire mesh. Cage measurements: 80x35x30cm 142763644 Robo Tunnel 141042687 House has a extra hole for a house 141042688 143733769 Zoom of hole House 141042689 Part of Charlie's Home This is one half of Charlie's home complete with his custom spiral staircase that he LOVES! He feels like a king when he sit on top of it and watches everything. 142515767 143733770 ovo cage 145946015 Buzz's House :) Our little robo hamster house 146274239 Teddys house 146323199 Sign for our Boosey! A sign we made for our Robo! It will go above her cage! 147411919 Glitch's Cage This is Glitch's cage. I have added on some extra tubes since purchase. 148658396 air drying drying out side after i cleaned it out 150740551 mish spyin i can see youu x 150740552 joint via tube 150740553 mish moosh and mogos home befor seperating moosh 150740554 150740555 150740556 150740557 150740558 150740559 my lil girl loves her hammys 150740560 150741617 150741618 150741619 150741620 150741621 150741622 150741623 150741624 150741625 150741626 150741627 150741628 150741629 150741630 150741631 150741632 150741633 150741634 150741635 150741636 150741637 150741638 150741639 150741640 150741641 150741642 150741643 150741644 150741645 150741646 150741647 150741648 150741649 DIY Glass tank These guys where squabbling alot and someone said they need a larger home. I had them both in store bought homes but now have this lovely tank that my friend had for her hamster. 150940141 Daisy and Ivys' habitat Homemade from storage bins, lunch boxes etc. lots of levels and ramps, lots of room to run about and the potential to add to it easily. Also cheap enough to build and easy to clean. 154741497 Nicodemus' House This is the home we built for our little robo, Nicodemus. We built his den on the bottom left and the balcony up top ourselves using poplar wood. 155561673 155646854 155646855 Bambi's home 161358475 Pink Palace This might seem a strange choice for two male hamsters haha. Also, you might be thinking why is there a tube going from one part of the cage to another given that they would never be able to climb it. Well, we didn't have enough plugs for the holes and because we also have a cat, we needed something to keep them safe. 170760910 Butters' home 172838880 Wall.E R.I.P baby<3 My little Wall.E boy 172250930 Charley&Lola My new Robo's :P 172250931 Charley Charley peeling a nut :) 172250932 172838881 173006309 Boo and Belle's home My Robos Boo and Belle are asleep in the Strawberry at the moment :) 173748764 truffles my baby truffles.......tow weeks 173927022 Tardis This is Castiel's cage we named the Tardis. 174396617 174492300 174492301 Savannah and Peanut's new home This is a 40 gallon breeder tank with some fun toys for the hams :) 175470027 Boby I miss him :( 182911738 Boby 182911739 Fin and Digger's Home 186432563 Fin and Digger's Home (Right) 186432564 Fin and Digger's Home (Left) 186432565 Fin and Digger's Home (Ariel) 186432566