Readers' Roborovskis Readers' Roborovskis Akasha and Anubis Owned by Sara and Jason 29212479 Alpha, Betha and Delta Owned by Amiguillo 29212480 Bella Owned by Shan 29212482 Boba Owned by Stephanie 29212483 Peek-a-boo 108013032 Enzoflip 98754451 Clementine (aka Clemmy) 110182623 Bucketeye Jack Owned by Katherine 29212484 Buffy Owned by Sara 29212485 tiny the amazing roborovski 115007982 Busby (RIP) Owned by Keith, sadly Busby passed away in April 2008 aged 3 years old. Busby is the front cover of the Roborovski hamsters 2010 calendar! 29212486 Cheeky and Chocky (RIP) Owned by Erin, sadly Chocky passed away recently. 29212487 LEO my leo in a cup looking scared but at the same time adorable :) 111498184 Back when they were best pals :) SumoSumo (russian dwarf) and the robo brothers Zues & Penelope cuddling ^^ 113105325 Chibi Owned by Natalie 29212488 126059911 Chibi and Telly Owned by Kara 29212489 Aunna Owned by Natalie 29212481 Chi-sai and Hammy Owned by Jeremy 29212490 Cumulus Owned by Natalie 29212491 Dalie Owned by Rhandi 29212492 Zues ^^ 113105331 Daxx Owned by Rhandi 29212493 51193123 Ernie, Bert and Elmo Owned by Alice 29212494 Zues being social He's alright as long as I have food to distract him xD 113105334 126059919 Eva and Mo Owned by Taria 29212495 Laverne 55924577 129054992 peachy and creamy in a cup 129567627 Flapjack, Shortround, Baka and Desu Owned by Brandon 29212496 Gendut Owned by Irvin 29212497 hes happy 137052408 George and Alice Owned by James 29212498 Zues 113105339 137052431 Gizmo Owned by Sara 29212499 Zues 113105340 137052441 Gucci (RIP) Owned by Grace, sadly Gucci passed away in Feburary 2009. RIP Gucci, June 30, 2007 - Feb 21, 2009. 29212500 Cuddling! ^^ 113105341 Hoho Owned by Choon 29212501 Zues & Penelope first day 113105342 Houdinni Owned by Natalie 29212502 Jack and Cash Owned by Carissa 29212503 Jojo Owned by Dominick 29212504 Barrette and her Shelby 57451252 Lacey Owned by Natalie 29212505 Leighanne Owned by Sara 29212507 Lil Lady Owned by Sara 29212509 Lime (or 'Limers') Owned by RocketDogCMPunkGirl 29212510 Macaroni Owned by Tara 29212511 Minnie Owned by Stacey 29212512 Mojo Owned by Dominick 29212513 Newguy Nugget Owned by Katherine 29212514 Pooter Owned by Justice 29212515 Pus Owned by Jakob from Norway 29212516 Romeo Owned by Marriane 29212517 Smore and Caramel Owned by Jethro 29212518 Sputnik Owned by Tony 29212519 Taz, Tidger and Shylock Owned by Perry 29212520 Tink Owned by Roz 29212521 Toffee and Apple Owned by Janey 29212522 Tot Owned by Cassidy 29212523 Barrette and Pashmina 57451270 Turbo (RIP) and Mochi Owned by Kimberly, sadly Turbo passed away on 2/6/08 29212524 Wasabi Owned by Marlene 29212525 Robijntje (Ruby), Bijou, Penelop&#233; and Robbie Owned by Anita 29212526 Mesky My male hamster... 30029685 Pacaninos Jr. Jr. Already in their new homes... 30029686 66604505 Musky My female hamster still in baby... 30029687 Peeps and her pose 59962143 Sleeping 92145772 Ziggy "I love my sunflower seeds!" 30157398 31624875 Bambi Love at first sight... 31898155 Napoleon while eating 92145776 Charlie, Jake & Alan Zzzzzz 67089676 Piggy Was scrambling for the camera when I saw Duster in this mode, *sigh* but unfortunately battery went flat...had to take it with my phone camera... 32501462 I like yoghourt 92145777 Ziggy & Duster, their first night *sigh* I thought things were going so well on their first night together... but they started squabbling on the second night... So had to pull them apart.. A little memento from their all but short time together..... 32501463 Mmmmm! 92145778 I need a rest.... 92145780 Ziggy Ziggy's thought bubble - "What is going on???" ;P 32501467 Boo 32775062 Timmy Owned by Lim Nim 32966017 Slowpoke ... in wierd sleeping place.... 33696457 Tony Owned by member Tony Soprano 33229639 Bubu Owned by Lim Nim 32966018 Rocket Owned by Lim Nim 32966079 Scooters diner "i really get into my food." 34874895 Smitty He's fine now, and doing better than ever! 35537881 Ernie Owned by Laura 36801766 Wallie Owned by Laura 36801767 Cute Robo sleepin' he's a little tired after running all night long 67089682 Mochi Mochi with a purple doo! 37137892 37379387 Angel Owned by Amy 37491996 Mo Jo Sister to Jo Jo owned by Dominic (robosnsyrians 39909330 Hamtaro (Hammy) Owned by RobosRule! 39153892 Jo Jo Sister to Mo Jo owned by Dominic (robosnsyrians) 39909541 Topsy This is my hamster Topsy who we adopted from the rescue centre in Pets @ Home. 41272322 Neon & Ultra Finally I got a pic of BOTH my (grumpy!) girls! 40908942 Sonic (1) In his ball... Owned by tails. 41970300 Tater 42800424 Stewie Owned by Melissa (US) 42750473 Twitch 42800425 Louie Owned by Melissa (US) 42750474 43344050 Batman Owned by Daphne 43589569 Tater 42800431 Daisy and Buttercup Owned by Laura 43469078 Pip and Pop Owned by Pip & Pop (member) 43469079 Miki May 2009 - October 2011 43942105 Salt and Pepper Owned by Mooses! (member) 43469080 Platinum Robo (unnamed) He likes to eat dried papaya. Owned by whiterobo (member) 43709257 Mufasa playing in his tube 44143044 Simba playing on his wheel 44143045 Sally and Pebbles Sally (left) and Pebbles (right). Owned by Heidi 44371417 Zaphod or Beeblebrox Climbing in he's/her tower, I took the picture as he/she popped his/her head out the top. (Next picture has a better view of the tower) 45631715 Beano. Beano on the wheel. 46231425 Steve 45273286 Smores and Coco Owned by Rebecca 45460083 Jeemie Jeemie is relaxing. 46231426 Cookie My boyfriend loves Cookie! 46283864 Zaphod alseep 46314860 Jack and Jill Jack and Jill running in thier wheel. 46427856 Jaime (Robo) meets Poppy What on earth's that big thing there??? 46668779 Theramin & Tesla My little Robos, who love running together in the the same time... 46658320 Robos From left Rorov, Boski and Moski 101687449 Rohroe This is a picture of Rohroe in her playpen. 47136035 Laverne 49262649 Shirley The buddha :) 49262650 Steve Steve nomming: 49262651 Henrietta Henrietta poses for the camera. 50413018 Chip and Dale They love to eat with each other! 50435119 Twiglet 46935041 Tic Out of 10 robos-- Icee and Bolt are the parents. The pups' names are: FIRST LITTER: Peanut FEMALE Tic FEMALE Tac FEMALE Toe MALE SECOND LITTER: Bean MALE Pipsqueak MALE Roly-Poly MALE Hammy- MALE The second litter were all MALES! 50741604 Bean Out of 10 robos-- Icee and Bolt are the parents. The pups' names are: FIRST LITTER: Peanut FEMALE Tic FEMALE Tac FEMALE Toe MALE SECOND LITTER: Bean MALE Pipsqueak MALE Roly-Poly MALE Hammy- MALE The second litter were all MALES! 50741605 Bolt Out of 10 robos-- Icee and Bolt are the parents. The pups' names are: FIRST LITTER: Peanut FEMALE Tic FEMALE Tac FEMALE Toe MALE SECOND LITTER: Bean MALE Pipsqueak MALE Roly-Poly MALE Hammy- MALE The second litter were all MALES! 50741606 Icee Out of 10 robos-- Icee and Bolt are the parents. The pups' names are: FIRST LITTER: Peanut FEMALE Tic FEMALE Tac FEMALE Toe MALE SECOND LITTER: Bean MALE Pipsqueak MALE Roly-Poly MALE Hammy- MALE The second litter were all MALES! 50741607 Peanut Out of 10 robos-- Icee and Bolt are the parents. The pups' names are: FIRST LITTER: Peanut FEMALE Tic FEMALE Tac FEMALE Toe MALE SECOND LITTER: Bean MALE Pipsqueak MALE Roly-Poly MALE Hammy- MALE The second litter were all MALES! 50741608 Mia Owned by member PinkHamHam. See Mia's gallery: 50744953 Chip See Chip and Dale's album! 50746248 Dale See Chip and Dale's album! 50746249 Bonbon and Ponpon Bonbon is on the right and Ponpon is on the left. Bonbon was pushing food out of his cheeks when this photo was taken :D 51268183 53908208 Sumo Owned by Craig 51973853 Bitsy 51973977 4 of The Fragezeichen Gang Out of 6 54381738 Zippy and Bungle 54378830 Hammy and Tammy 54393118 Thyme Thyme eating a cornflake 54501695 Ham and Bacon 54601492 I didn't chew your hat daddy...I promise (Bruno) 54975724 Smurf Smurf eating a cornflake. 54501696 ..or chocolate drops! yay! (Bruno) 54975728 It's sooo comfy in here! (Bruno) 54975730 Nacho in travle case on his way to petco hamster derbey 55549919 Shirley dreaming 55811342 Steve with porridge 55811345 danger areas of cuteness 55811347 Laverne nomming a mealyworm she looks like she's playing a recorder! 56638283 Elizabeth This is a picture of my baby girl Elizabeth. It seem she is saying hello! 56075021 El Capitaine in his foodbowl 57140585 Lola 56749728 Paco 57255900 El Capitaine 57140586 Laverne and Shirley luv u sis! 57633190 Rinao and Squall rinoa and squall bathing together... 57202582 Kausas 58218972 Boo eating a sunflower seed 58225407 Speedy and Marvin Owned by James 59302074 Annie and Dirty Ana Little Annie and Dirty Ana. Owned by kristi. 59846575 Harry and Beetroot Before they fell out 60932307 Buttercup and I after 15 minutes of running all over me, she finally slowed down...a bit. 61229937 Rapi (Rapid) Gonzalez Owned by Thomas 62763747 Tinnie Owned by Angela 62763726 Robbie This is Robbie peeking out of his new home. He'd been put in the adoption centre as nobody wanted him so i bought him home yesterday. I'm completely head over heels for him already. 63897890 Honey This was Honey, she died in an accident. 10/01/09. Rest In Paradise Honey. 64292159 Chilling in Frostie Bob getting comfy in his Snowman Bed 62793824 Jasmine and Bazmati These are my hamsters eating their favorite treat, a yogirt drop! Bazmati is on the left, eating and Jasmine is on the right! Please comment!! 63701783 Motherly love Mama and baby 64342800 greetings from Hamsteropolis! 63788503 Kiwi On his climbing wall christmas pressie XD 64965216 Zelda and Xena we got a new home for christmas with more room .... Zelda is the one with hole in her ear 65065794 Babies all grown up. Sleeping. 65307643 Just cleaned the tank. Everyones happy. 65307645 Original 5 Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Robinson, Robert, Chicken Rob, Poor Thing 66192675 Twiglet Hanging out in his favourite coconut 64854203 Jibby My favorite only cause it doesn't run away from me. 65307646 Wheel Sleeping 66192676 66304044 See his other photos here: 66218690 Pistachio's morning drink He woke up with me this morning and grabbed a drink before heading back to bed. =] 66443686 66304046 Pocky! My girlfriend's new female robo, Pocky! ^-^ 66604602 Owned by Hui Yan Ting. (She didn't give me his/her name) 66568406 Pickle & Pebble Pebble is staring out of the cottage window, and Pickle is peering over the log... 67089551 Binkie SSee his album here: 67205213 My Dwarfs My robos JayJay and Chestnut (Male and Female) 68499833 Hi this is Ben Hi this is Ben my 1st robo hamster glad ive found this site for some tips + advice 68095997 Houdinni Looking pretty suprised with his cute ears lol 67957283 JayJay and Chestnut My hamsters JayJay and Chestnut relaxing on the wheel 68499836 Tunnels eating in her food bowl :) 68532340 Deloris zipping around the new habitat I deleted my previous upload and put this one up, I just think it's a better picture of her :) Camera shy Clancy is asleep 68625247 Henrietta and Arriety 68886735 Spade 69857243 Divet 69857244 Rocky My hamster Rocky on my shoulder, he loves it up there! 70414093 jack and mimsy my mated pair Mimsy (female) and Jack the Ripper (male) sitting in their photo cage 71230773 Mimsy (Pokemon) little mimsy sitting in a toy pokeball 71230774 Walnut Owned by Andrea 73395407 Chaps 73630914 Check 73630915 Gizmo he's in the house i made him out of a pop tart box 73967127 Cookie a very shy cookie 74130601 Mocha 74146482 Cappuccino 74146483 Justice & Cabbage 74161234 Robot She loves her banana chips 74924088 Peanut butter and Jelly I have no idea why but even with housing in her cage, she always prefers to live under her wheel. 74279488 Coco Bean Taken right after she was put in her cage when I first got her. :) 75414054 cheez, pickle and chibi snuggling together. 75873709 Yummy! Bitsy enjoying a sunflower seed 75722770 Peekaboo! Itsy peekin! 75722771 Cuddle Buddies Itsy and Bitsy 75722772 Pickle(RIP) Having a run on the silent spinner 75873710 76098963 Rebecca and Lila 76403020 Lila 76403023 Chibi 'stop taking pictures of me, you're making me grumpy!' 76418212 Chip this is my cute little robrovski Chip, he has a brother called Brandy and a father called Whiskey, he comes from a family of eighteen robrovski's but i took the dad and his brother with me as i couldn't have the heart to separate them. 76467360 Hammys Love Easter Too....!! Angel & Spike having an Easter treat...x 76890705 Hammi and Yammi The other photos: 76977506 Muffin 76506398 Cheeky, Titch, Yammi and Hammi snuggling The other photos: 76977993 Chestnuts Pups!! This is 4 of the 7 pups she gave birth to just yesterday! 77119866 JayJay and Chestnut This is my male and Female robo hamsters when they first met. :') 77564450 77677494 77677495 77677496 Slinkey eating a grape They don't eat much other than seeds 79087627 Tiger Lilly First days of my Robo's 78265728 Buckeye Jack 79087628 Pumpkin Muffie 79087629 Buckeye Jack 79087630 Pip the hamster He's playing in the bathtub with his treat. (I had to throw the treat away. It was getting moldy and sticky :) ) 79131296 Tiger Lilly and Tallulah Favourite picture <3 78265733 three on wheel Sam, Pip and Mary love their wheel :) 79980630 One out of the seven, 3 week old pups Chestnuts baby 79806472 Zanga. My white faced male robo :) 81818219 "arrrghh take that flash off my face" little Pip beeing cranky when waking up 83421010 Sleeping monster Ham Ham Owned by hAmHaM 83883675 Elvis Ham Ham Owned by hAmHaM 84232229 Alice! She's refusing to co-operate and sit still for a photo so I thought I'd share an action shot with you all instead! If she ever sits still I'll put that here too :) 84721870 Zektor Zektor in a very deep sleep after his all night long running on his wheel!!! 82232553 84452832 Rosalie Rosalie is much less camera shy than her sister Alice. I think she knows how pretty she is and wants everyone to see her! 84721871 little noses! how can someone not love those little cute noses? 84857519 Ruby Little Ruby in her wheel 85115397 Coco Had to be moved out the cage for bullying Ruby but still super cute. 85115398 Pocky Sleepin' 85198764 Can I help you? Can I help you? 85198766 This article is good! Tastes good too This article is good! Tastes good too 85198772 Summer & Spring. 85653650 Spring. This picture was for a photo contest. We became first! 85653653 Summer & Spring. 85653654 Lil Rem in My Lap Just Lil Rem sitting in my Lap 86863572 88697151 Sleepy little Mary after a hammie manicure ^^ 88970530 Alice Well it took over 2 months but I finally manged to catch Alice sitting still enough to get a pic of her! She was distracted whilst trying to eat a fruity biscuit twice the size of her head :) 90310717 Zippy Owned by Rachel 90590163 Bullet and Zippy (left to right) Owned by Rachel "What's over there?" 90590875 90844480 90844485 Sebby & Squidge My lovely babies! 90857378 P P P P 91101863 My boys My cuties hangin' out together. I love them so much! Thou they bite me all the time "sigh" ... 88051256 PETER & PAUL 91101864 PEBBLES & PEACHES 91101865 Monk sitting there being cute and such 91841399 Monk still being cute and such (so young :o) 91841400 My 4 girls :D In their box while i clean out their cage, Skittle in the bowl, Haribo at the top, closest to the bowl is Fudge and Buttons is to the right :D Skittle is a white faced Robbo, and the smallest but the boss lol xx 92595028 bubbles she was sitting on me in the bathtub hhahaha 93232329 Britain's Next Top Model Lola Striking a pose! :) 94019998 What you lookin at! Lola waiting for sweetcorn! Her faves! 94019999 Yeee Haaaa ! Ruby - "come fly with me" 94147932 sammi got to get a drink 94442224 bubbles and buttons in there new home!! 95135503 95135504 got 2 get some excierse how cute:} 95135505 2 Little Hammies 85200042 95135511 Kwik's robos From left to right: Thumbelina, Samii-kins, Alice 95240559 Pippin's gone for a run 95304473 Jasper and Jackson Jasper and Jackson a few days after I got them 95373550 Jasper Jasper always sits in his food while he eats haha :) 95373551 96254316 Whiskey Peek a boo 97731376 Gizmo eating 96573407 ace on his wheel 96323557 97731382 Gizmo on her first day with me 96573410 97731388 Rascal (left) Paws (right) Owned by Shauna 97032867 97731392 97731394 97731397 97731398 Bret & Jermaine Owned by Jack 98292463 owner fortes89 (Hecules eating his brocoli) 100958759 101456583 Brothers Back to Back! They are very sweet! They loved that tube so much! Robby always sleep and rest there while Robin will always play out and when he is too tired,he will rest inside with his brother! They may look the same but they both have different personalities! 101681350 Blossom Owner = Loz / Sitting in my boyfriends hand. 99800076 Blossom Owner = Loz / Here she is enjoying her yummy apple! 99812512 Eating time! Robby is th one in the front and Robin is at the back! 101681351 Robin's out....Robby's in! 101681352 Silly Shy Louis Their is little Louis and his little house! 102371243 Tiger's paw and Tater tot Big Tigerbelly against the plastic and Tater tot! 102373210 The first day home The cute and cuddly and maybe scared Louis and Tater tot! 102373645 Tiger's never ending battle He never wants to stop. 102373987 I'm breaking out Louis is always biting the bars as if he is 'breaking out of jail.' 102374762 Tater tot with j-cloth He is getting chubby every hour!:) 102607812 Pippin and Fromage (RIP) Fromage top Pippin bottom 106487447 Sleepy heads 102609932 Sammy. [= 103299591 Playing in the bathtub! Handling session! (That is just a bottle of shampoo in the backround. LOL) 115305539 Absinthe - my platinum roborovski pup 106389094 Big love My boys get along really well and they love eachother soo much! *muah* 103503913 Gizmo 105477197 Pip being cute Pose pip! 117498900 105019037 Kung Fu Mee dozed off... I wonder what they dream... 104428062 Whiskey & Brandy sleeping 106389784 Gizmo My favorite pic of him! 105477199 Sleepys zzzzz 117499455 So fatty!! 104428063 Relaxing.. So cute though 104428064 104428065 Absinthe 106389785 Lemme in there! I had blocked him off from his main cage and apparently that wans't what was in his mind! 117499456 Loving couple.. 104428066 Whiskey & Brandy posing 106389786 Lil' Pip eating a seed He pulled it right outta his pouch! 117499457 Peanut & Fudge (Before they got seperated :( )) 105853799 Huh?? 104428067 Louis in the new cage They seem to like the new cage! 104487309 TaterTot in the new cage He is a little more shy! :( 104487827 3 Little Hamsters 105571049 Chip II and Buddy My two Robo hamsters! We bought them 3 days ago. Buddy is the one upfront and Chip II is the one behind Buddy. 105565047 Quincy My first robo 106550626 My hamster Gus This is my hamster Gus!! he is very tame!! He was so tired then he fell asleep on me!! :) 106757613 Little Nibbles I named him Nibbles because he likes to nibble on my hand. It kinda tickled. I wanted to name him Oreo but I liked Nibbles better. 105571050 Lazy Taffy 105571051 Jarlsberg being Cute Gnaw 106888336 Brie on his wheel Gnaw 106897382 Taffy Hiding 107192500 Laffy Next to the Treat 107192501 Pippin 108020608 Laffy and Taffy This was a picture of them when they didn't have babies yet..... 107562558 Pippin and Fromage sleeping 108020609 Asleep on the Wheel 108020610 Fromage eating 108020611 Jarlsberg and Emmentaler 108020612 Hamster Thanksgiving 108023313 Twiglet having a rest 108237392 RIP Fudge Miss you lots 108957730 Nel's spin Having fun on the wheel. (In their old cage) 110046618 RIP Fudge A great hamster. Miss you lots =( 108957731 my four robos Coco and Pumkin in sand bath Charlie running by and Dennis in the cornner 110719561 Yin and Yang!!! These are my two male robo hamsters! 110395607 Tommy This is my hamster Tommy the Tall Couch Potato, A White-Faced Roborovski! 110080157 Watchpost Friidrik in tennisball. 111021506 Nomnomnom Friidu (Friidrik) 111021507 Nomnomnom #2 Friidu (Friidrik) 111021508 Get me outta here! Nelson, such a sweetie. 111021509 Dewey and His reflection. Lol here is a funny picture of Dewey in his play pen. If you look closely you notice that Dewey is looking at his own reflection. 111041662 My hamster Ike This is one of my 2 male hamsters. Brother to my other hamster, Mike. This is a picture i took of him not long after Christmas as that is when i got my new camera for this shot! XD 126493862 Stud Muffin & Munchkins Stud Muffin & Munchkins creeping in the back. haha. 111508524 Munchkins. Napping. 111509649 Albus! A new picture of my Robo, Albus. (Don't worry, I deleted the old one!) 111783907 Good Morning Sleepy Heads! 113061970 Pet me more? Friidu on my lap, she's so unbeliveably friendly. :) 113472334 Adorable Hamsters 113570302 shy and swift sleeping 114255795 Hamster in a Basket Taffy 114659538 Background Switch Laffy 114659539 Go Jets!!! Nibbles on the NFL Quilt I got for Christmas XD 114659540 I Love Jets! Nibbles Again 114659541 Valtteri My white faced, male robo. 115381037 Brange & his lump lower left side of back is the lump on 3rd day I found it after the vet used a needle to draw fluid and figure out what it is 119801119 Doyle 118042999 Doyle 118043000 Teddy and Doyle 118043001 Blondie & Brange 119801945 Teddy and Doyle 118043002 My hamster Mike This is one of my 2 male hamsters. Brother to my other hamsters, Ike. This is a picture i took not long ago on my camera i got for Christmas. 126493891 Teddy and Doyle 118043003 Teddy and Doyle 118043004 Doyle 118043005 Blondie & Brange attacking their favorite leaves 119801946 Doyle 118043006 Doyle 118043007 Kimiko Kimiko Male: Platinum Kimiko Female: Agouti They are sooo cute :) 118106481 Blondie & Brange probably scheming something 119801947 118606313 118606314 Mork & Mindy 121114991 118606315 118606316 Brange full and getting some rest 119801948 Twoscoops 119393301 mmm...YUM! as cute as it gets! 119436743 Doyle Hes trying to escape 119528613 Teddy and Doyle sharing a treat 119528614 Teddy and Doyle sharing a treat 119528615 Teddy 119528616 Teddy 119528617 Little Marvin This is Marvin, Ferdinan'ds littlest brother. Marvin is the youngest of 6 others so ya know how it is. He's also the shiest but we're working on that. 120031252 Teddy and Doyle 119528618 Babie Luke & Lexie 124368718 Teddy and Doyle 119528619 Ferdinand as a baby I found this pic and I just had to add it! The top hamster is Ferdinand when he was like 4 1/2 weeks old. Below him is his brother, Simon, who is white like his father (See the picture of his father to find out why he is white) 120031672 Ike! 126724223 Teddy and Doyle 119528620 Ferdinand's Father This is Nikko. He has a hereditary pigment disorder that causes him to be white. He passed this along to only one son, Simon, and a little bit to one of his daughters. He "married' Sunshine and they had Ferdinand and 3 other babies including Ferdinand and Simon. 120031673 Teddy and Doyle 119528621 Teddy and Doyle 119528622 Teddy and Doyle 119528623 Teddy and Doyle 119528624 Luke & Roxanne 126373346 Mike! 126724224 120749274 Magic and Marble sleeping together. strange as it sounds... Marble was sleeping practically standing on his hind feet leaning on his brother! XD 126724225 120749275 120749276 120141067 120141068 120749404 120520095 120749405 120558035 Ferdinand He poses a lot...Let's just say, this is when he was younger haha 122425025 120749406 Ferdinand, the elusive Ferdinand has many awesome poses, this is one of his awesomest! He looks white in the photo but he's really tan and black (See photo 445) 122425026 120322362 120558036 120749407 120558415 Melon & Her food Melon went into her tube and started emptying her pouches. I took a few other pics but this one was my favorite. 126243435 122020183 Suspected Female! Ok, i know this seems kind of weird but a couple of days ago i got 2 "males" from petsmart. From an ALL MALE STORE! the next day they were both acting weird. I don't want to use weird language so ill say it more scientifically. They were trying to mate. So then i figured i had a male and a female brother and sister. Simple mistake. but once again... i was WRONG!I decided to put her with my male Mike. I wanted them to get used to each other for future pups i hope to have. But when i put the "male" in to see if he would get along, turns out there both females. This is the picture of the parts of one of the suspected females. I just want to double check. Does this look like a female to you? 126837633 Mochi This is my hamster, Mochi. Currently, he's just peering out of a log.... 122196632 123103818 122791312 123559738 124337837 124426281 Let sleeping hamsters lie Brian is a sleeper, just like his mother, Chesnutt. He sleeps almost all day long and only wakes up sometimes. 127297698 124426282 124426283 Positive Male! This is one of my year old males. Not the 2 new ones. A complete different one. I just posted this so that you can compare to my other one of the suspected female to help make your decision. 126837544 124933575 Brian, the dreamer. He got into such a deep sleep, he started sleeping on his back. Eventually he accidentally kicked himself in the face (it was probably a running dream) and then woke up and went and got breakfast. 127297699 124426284 Robbie & Birdie Birdie On Top Robbie On Bottom This was my first breeding couple of Robo Hamsters, and they had 6 pups. 128521489 Buckwheat This is Buckwheat, my patterned roborovski :) 125003514 Daisy This is my gentle and sweet tempered Daisy :) RIP 125003609 Scout This is my feisty girl scout- she's a firecracker! 125004121 Hammy Hammy in the bath sand 127551102 125459114 125459444 Theo & Ellie 128523779 125459445 Theo & Ellie 128523780 125459446 125459447 Theo & Ellie 128523781 125459448 125459449 Theo & Ellie 128523782 125459451 125459452 Theo & Ellie 128523783 125459453 my little princess lizzy 125729451 Hamster village 125730325 Theo & Ellie 128523784 Theo & Ellie 128523785 Theo & Ellie 128523786 Theo & Ellie 128523787 Brangelina lump it grew on the side of his back 128543831 129482173 129482174 129482175 129482176 129482177 129482178 Three Of My Roborovski's 130331116 Robo Hug :P 130331118 Bubble & Squeak with one of their pups 130807826 Monkey Nut Anyone? 130331119 Hai There! 130331121 baby hammy awww 132778829 Manny (kayTwayT) 132835009 133244676 133244677 133244678 133244679 133244680 133244681 133244682 133244683 133244684 133244685 133244686 133244687 133244688 133244689 133244690 133244691 133244692 Sonic and Rambo Sonic and Rambo all curled up for nap time :) 133392086 Misfit and Mayhem Bath time for the girls :) 133392087 Squeaks wound (Read more about this injury on my Info page.) I'm spraying it with Hydrogen Peroxide everyday, so it is clean. Its healing up nice, now that they are seperate. 133441977 Mykayla and Victoria These are my two female Robo Dwarfs. Read more about them on my page! 133529692 Mykayla Here's me holding Mykayla. 133570248 Victoria in her blue house This is my little Victoria chillin' in her house. 133570272 Mykayla Sleeping Mykayla spleeping under her wheel. 133570295 Mykayla Modeling If you don't already know, I have a passion for photography. I love to make my hamsters model for me. They are really good at it. 133570296 Me and Mykayla I look completely terrible here, but I love this picture of my hamster. 133570297 Victoria and Mykayla - Edited These are my two hamsters. I made this picture on It's really cool, I suggest you go there. 133570298 Me and Victoria Me holding Victoria. I wasn't wearing makeup. It's kinda a bad picture. 133570299 Cherry and Blossom 133595146 Little Peaches Food Time ! 133786117 Peaches 133786118 One of the Brothers :D 133832946 again :) 133832947 Happy Hammy This is one of my hamsters climbing up his tube. 133989461 I'm so tired! 134241471 Gordita 134290268 Gordita 134290269 Gordita sleeping 134290270 Scooter This is Scooter my lil' evil Roborovski 134344541 My Nenita, in her shoulder pad. She loves it in winter! 134290271 Scooter: my Roborovski Scooter staring at me 134344542 Brange after surgery After the 6 month tumor has been removed 134354169 HIDE AND SEEK HES PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK LOL HIS FIRST PHOTO 134689728 Peek a boo Buttercup. Buttercup loves hiding in tube and poking her head out. 135927509 Peek a boo Daisy. Daisy loves playing in tube. 135927510 Daisy with her fav croc. This is Daisys favourite crocodile she can fall asleep and lay there for hours, cuttie pie. 135927511 Daisy on blackberry. Daisy loves sitting on my phone and the remote control lol. 135927512 Buttercups first hour. This is buttercups first hour in the cage she loved the wheel she is cute. 135927513 Buttercup relaxing. Buttercup relaxing in parnters hand. 135927514 My new pied girl Coral :D 136109092 Daisy Eating. Daisy eating on her fav place. 136146795 Daisy & Buttercup. Both of them relaxing. 136146796 137456561 My hamster Sushi! 136264422 C'mon say "AWW!" Little Pip. 138272030 huh? Squeak. 138272031 Aw.... My 2nd favorite picture of Squeak! 138272032 Pig pile! They often sleep on top of eachother. Who's on top, who's on bottom? 138272033 My ultimate favorite picture of Squeak! I love him so much! 138272034 Pip! Sorry pip for bothering you during your workout. 138272035 Notice who's having a piggy back ride? :) My dog Luna loves squeak. 138272036 "Did you say something?" pip. 138272037 "K, nite!" Pip and squeak sleeping 138272038 Squeaks wound Pip gave him a nasty bite, so I seperated them for a few weeks. It is now almost healed and they will go back together again, because they really do love eachother. 138272039 "I love looking up at the stars..." Squeaky sleeping. 138272040 Scooter 139193064 Toby is sleeping 139926417 Roy Cin 139926418 139926419 Roy & cin 139926420 139926421 140916643 140916644 140916645 140916646 140916647 140916648 140916649 140916650 140916651 140916652 Twister Collage I was board one day an I made a collage of twister in his first 2 days with me!!!!!!!! 141178841 141429215 141429217 141429218 Port hole He managed to wriggle out of here one day when I'd gone to get water! 141720529 141429219 141429220 141429221 141429222 141429223 Intelligent Hammies I'm doing a Degree in English so it's good my hammies like to read aswell! 141720530 Drowned Rat Soooo cute! 141720531 Bath Time Poor Mercury had an infection and was very smelly but a nice swim helped clean him! 141720532 Monica, Rachel and Phoebe All tucked up for bed! 141720533 Spaceman Jupiter With a name like Jupiter this hammie had to have a rocket ship! 141720534 Poser Jupiter was such a poser once he was used to the camera! 141720535 Spaceman Jupiter sleeping in his spaceship. 141720536 Sleepy Astronaut Jupiter asleep in his rocket. 141720537 Curious Hammie What's through the hole? 141721460 ?ttalaus 141978979 Kyrr? 141978980 142571872 Poser He's a born poser! 142863056 Not as cute as he looks! Jupiter has a crabby side but here's his 'butter wouldn't melt' cute look! 142863057 Assault course Jupiter liked walking along the grid in his cage! 142863058 Li-Litu 143374687 Sleep Hahh! Muffin has loads of sleeping 'styles'. This is his cutest one so far! <3 144862075 Marasy!! The source of my worries for the past week She didn't like the look of the camera, so this was the best picture I got of her 145125243 chumchum 145276471 Huh? Squeak 145923899 "Zzzzz" Squeak always sleeps on his back... I think his head isn't screwed on correctly... LOL! 145923900 "What da ya want from meh?" Squeak being woken from a nap! 145923901 "I am NOT amused." Squeak very upset with me. 145923902 Being "pip-like". Pip is very timid and jumpy, so its rare I get a pic, but when I do.... he looks so nervous... kinda freaked out.... mad. In short, "Pip-like". :) 145923903 "Put me down, please!!!" Eagar to get down 145923904 "U hav nu fud?" Squeak looking for treats. 145923905 "OMG, look Pip! Snowflakes!" On my lap... in my snowflake PJ's! 145923906 "I tired." Squeak wishing I would stop snapping pics so he can go to sleep! 145923907 Chubby cheeks My little robo Buzz. I <3 this little guy 146275514 We just love the taste of gharkin! 148004441 Tiny and her 6 pops,12 days old. 148004442 148004443 148004444 Charlotte This is Charlotte about a week after I got her. 148093210 Charlotte and Zim This is about two/three weeks after I got Charlotte. Zim had just gotten over being afraid of the new strange furry white thing running around in the fish tank aka Charlotte. 148093211 Scarlett This is Scarlett, taken in late November or early December. I don't remember when exactly. 148093212 Charlotte and Scarlett Charlotte and Scarlett just chilling out on their purple silent spinner, their favorite wheel. 148093213 Charlotte and Scarlett Again Charlotte and Scarlett on their wheel. Charlotte is dozing off while Scarlett was busy sneaking eating a snack. 148093214 Charlotte, Scarlett, and Zim All three of my pets together; Charlotte, Scarlett, and Zim. 148093215 Coco My baby :) 149171366 peek-a-boo! One of my robo hammies. This little guy's name is chubz. 149660112 munch* munch* My other hammie chowin' down. His name is skooter. 149660414 Hanging out My name is Sushi :D 149784249 mish moosh and mogo before they started fighting 150739361 moosh and my lil girl moosh is so tame we can just ply with him xx 150739362 Calloway 150845329 Ellington 150845330 Calloway & Ellington 150845331 Sleepy Head I always thought that this is the cutest picture I ever have of my hammy. 150871303 150917033 150917034 150917035 150917036 150917037 150917038 150917039 150917040 150917041 150917042 150917043 150917044 150917145 150917146 150917147 150917148 150917149 150917150 150917151 150917152 150917153 150917154 150917155 150917156 150917157 ?ttalaus 153398391 ?ttalaus 153398392 Kyrr? 153398393 Cracker the Roborovski This is my white-faced roborovski named Cracker. I had another robo named Jazz, but he passed from an internal problem... But I still have Cracker though :) 154833478 Cracker Resting Cracker, my white-faced robo, is about to fall a sleep.... How cute! 154834035 Button My robo Button in his house :) 155646952 157717129 157717130 157717131 157717184 157717185 157717186 Genghis First day at home. His brother Khan is hanging out in the clubhouse. 158629553 harry falling off the wheel.. seems like he might of hurt himself but he was totally fine just continued to do it 159509380 harry taking a little snooze 159509381 harry and lola harry outside of house lola inside.. day after she gae birth 159509382 lola saying hello 159509383 family photo harry at the front, lola in the middle and one of three babies from first litter a the end 159509384 harry and lola snuggling 159509385 roland and bella 2 days old 159509386 bella 2 weeks 159509387 lola morning sunshine 159509388 harry posing 159509389 harry and baby just going to take it back to the nest 159509390 harry and lola lola showing him who's boss 159509391 lola helloooo 159509392 harry and lola harry the one on the left.. snoozing in the wheel - typical 159509393 harry and lola 159509394 harry and lola 159509395 lola and her first litter babies - 10 days old 159509396 one of the babies - first litter first to enture out of the nest 159509397 harry and lola 159509398 159509399 lola 3 months 159509400 harry and lola lola - 3 months harry - 4 months 159509401 harry and lola 159509402 159509403 harry and lola lola pinning harry again 159509404 lola flying off the wheel 159509405 lola 159509406 Robo 160668361 Sleeping time >.< bubu & miruu 161181443 My Bambi She's actually being a good girl here, she usually does suicidal jumps. 161357987 My babies. Butters and Jelly. 161867156 Snowball and Puff eat together lunch time. They both eat happily. 162450585 Snowball on Skateboard! Snowball rides skateboard 162450790 Gentle Puff So Gentle! 162450791 Puff with mohawk It's the latest hamster hair style. 162450792 puff squished to my face so warm and soft. Im not hurting her 162450793 Asleep So cute! 162452348 Nibbles He has a buddy but I had to separate them because the other one had babies! Anyways this is Sir Fluffington (A.K.A Nibbles) 163807630 why my roborovskis below so red 166877777 So Tired Exhausted from long day's travel. 167114905 Rachel Green Rachel is sick in this picture wrapped in a heat blanket 168069228 Rachel and my sis Rachel Green is healthy and touching noses with my sis Sarah 168069229 Rachel poses Rachel likes to pose then hold still until i take her picture 168069230 Rachel and shirt she attached herself to my shirt 168069231 Chip & Dale 169685950 A Quiet Moment well... I guess that's one way to sleep. 169953958 Savannah one of my little robo's savannah! 175877851 My sleepy-head Bino zzzzZzzzz... 169990226 My baby T-Rex Mom!? I'm sleeping...get the camera out of mah face! X( 169990227 Barnaby Eating banana 171106636 Relaxing in the wheel Here is nibbles,misty ,tommy and cuddles 176028302 Barnaby Eating Popcorn 171106637 Barnaby Eating Popcorn 171106638 On sofa Here is the 2 boys on my sofa posing for picture popcorn. 176028303 My Speedy & Tweety They love that wheel!! 171406256 Barnaby and me 171708323 Poppy and willow Here is poppy and willow in sand bowl. 176028304 Margie I love lima beans! 171935746 Margie Love this Hamster!! 171935747 Pumpkin Here is little pumpkin at first she was so nervous but now cuddles up with us. 176028305 Margie Can I have a friend, please?? 171935748 Pipsqueak 172265887 Misty Misty on my husbands shoulder relaxed. 176028306 playing 172595075 Angry Butters! 172838941 popcorn and chewie. Chewie asleep in bowl. 176028307 172838942 Cutest pic ever! 172838943 Daisy and scruffy This was daisys last moments with her sister scruffy daisy is laying down and scruffy cuddled upto her. sadly scruffy passed away on 22 of nov 2012. RIP SCRUFFY & DAISY. xx 176028308 173005815 Poppy and willow Very cute. Best picture of them. 176028309 Blue Fancy Russian I believe. 173005816 Candy & Carmel They are both my hamsters 3 months old. The one at the front is Candy one at the back is carmel! :) 173615739 fruitloop this is my fastest cheeky robo 176036076 Nibbles,misty,popcorn,chewie,cuddles and tommy All 6 babies in wheel on 2nd of having them. found out 3 were boys and 3 girls. 176028310 173005817 173005818 Scruffy This was the morning scruffy died. She died in our hands so she wasent alone. very upsetting for us. was crying all day. 176028311 173005819 You can see the stump where her leg used to be. She's the friendliest hamster! 173005820 Chewie Chewie asleep in sand bowl. 176028312 sweetpea he is a very calm tame robo 176036544 Fighting!! Is this Seriouse or just play? Please help! 173616274 Zelda & Navi This is a picture of my babies the first day I brought them home. So cute<3 173891938 Bubble & Squeak Having Fun! Three of the photos are taken in their cage, with the one to the left taken in the Adventure Playground that they play in while I'm cleaning their cage out. 174247064 Castiel My hamster angel, Castiel. 174396525 Sophie! this is my robo sophie! 176514795 House 1 174492198 fruit loop and sweet pea together :) 176834634 House 2 174492199 Chestnut & Peanut asleep on my lap. Chestnut and Peanut were asleep on my lap for ages!!! Alot of the time chestnut sits quietly on me and sometimes falls asleep, but peanut hasnt except on this pic. They look so cute together!! They are separate now, and the last reintroduction didnt go well. 174845306 Ginger This is my little hamster Ginger. I took this picture when my hamster was playing with his tubes. This photo is one of my best because its so cutie!! 177259666 Angel one of our newest robos we now have 6 :) 177601087 Buffy my newest robo 177601105 Meggie Sadly she died at 6 weeks old, she was very friendly, I miss her. 177797168 Meggie 3 days before she died 177797169 Toby The wind blew my roof??? 177797170 Boby Bath or dancing lessons? 177797171 Boby He was jealous because I was playing with his sister 177797172 Boby Sad because I gave attention to Toby, his sister 177797173 178029535 178029536 178029537 178029538 178029539 my beautiful cream she is so beautiful love her so much 178029543 Henry, our 8 week old Roborovski playing in his log. 178146259 Curious 178601513 Kissss 178601515 They are Snowball and Snowy. Just 4 months old. They are very curios about many things. 178601516 Hidden 178601517 178601518 Paparazi 178601519 Sleeping in the tree. 178601520 Bubble and squeak in my hand teeehheee! taming payed off! 179301692 This is my Robo hamster, Violet 179643331 Ryback and Randy Ryback(Left) and Randy(Right) 180787428 Meggie 182911929 Meggie Too bad I have no videos of her, I miss her :( 182911930 Meggie 182911931 Meggie 182911932 Meggie I turn my back to you, I don't want to see you anymore! 182911934 The hamster family Toby the mom, Boby the dad, Meggie the baby. The only one still alive now is Toby. 182911729 Marvie and Bartley Marvie is on the top and Bartley is on the bottom. Bartley is bigger then Marvie, that how I can tell the difference between them. ^-^ And YES I AM A FAN OF PINK xD 184130029 184190739 184190740 184190741 184190822 184191101 184377483 Nugget. In the bedroom corner he was running around my room and chose this particular corner to just sit and stare at me. :) 184377627 Baby Tilly :) Meet baby Tilly, my sweet baby robo, that I am currently training!! 184550271 my roro pup decided to search the white world :) 185069993 Wila My new roborovski hamster! 185266602 Mochi and Mocha My two little female Robos, Mochi and Mocha. I do not know how old they are bought I bought them about three months prior to posting this. 185922220 Cool Ham How do I look? 185947684 Snowy She is not afraid of me anymore! ^_^ 186245515 taming kirby :) 186245516 Fin and Digger My babies' first time home! XD 186432581