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Hello everyone,

Thank you all for taking the time to post topics.

All of us do our best to stay in contact as well as we can. and help with questions that we can help you with.

However I ask that everyone that has hamster questions please post them in their respective topics.

General questions concerning your hamster ( this topic relates to illness/health problems or something that concerns you in relation to something you believe could be wrong with your hamster.

General hamster questions ( this topic relates to questions like what cage should you buy or types of food should your hamster eat.

PLEASE NOTE! that the "Forums Help" is related to problems with the website or the forums in general and if you have hamster question they may never be seen by other members.

With this noted I would like to let everyone know that topics will be moved to their respective locations, however; they will be reviewed first and if the topic or question has already been ask they will be deleted to reduce load on the forums.

Thank you for your corporation,




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