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I have recently aquired two female roborovskis which unfortunatly have had to seperated because of biting and fighting one another-it seems robo's just cant get on together for long before the fighting and drawing blood begins.

Can any of you suggest any names please that would suit a female roborovski hamster both when they're still young as well as when they're adults.I'm looking for a couple of sweet cute names for two adorable friendly little roborovskis that were tame and friendly as soon as i bought them home a week and two days ago.

Its unusaul to find a roborovski thats tame right from when you buy it as in the past i've found they're quite jumpy and skittish,at least until they get to know you and calm down a bit,& then you get the odd one that will remain skittish like one i had five years back,but these two are both very hand tame as soon as i had them and are so sweet and cute so please can you help me choose a couple of cute names for two pretty little robo's?One is slightly smaller than the other and i've noticed her tail is missing-she must have been born without one.Poor Thing!

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snowball, puff, porcupine, ninja, speedy, torpedo, tiny, boby, sandy, junior, roadrunner, fluff, fluffy, dirty, jinxy, tid bit, sweetie, thing 1, thing 2, sprinter,

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kaitlyn<3's robos:)
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Lacey and Gracie:)



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Peanut, Mindy, Molly, Minnie, Cocoa, Lady, and Lollie

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Thanks for these name suggestions folks-have now settled on the name ''Suki'' for our female robo.

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Aw man, I missed it! 


Love My Pets



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NutterButter at September 23, 2012 at 9:43 AM

Aw man, I missed it! 

Hello Again nutterButter-you're on here a lot today.Are you not in the uk as you dont seem to know what aubiose or megasorb is,or are you taking the P***?

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i think serenity is a cute name for a female

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