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Here is a topic about all the lost hamsters from long ago, as those members who join who have had many hamsters don't usually get a chance to tell about them. I think that every hamster should have his glory moment, so here is the topic to share about your lost hamsters from long ago. Every hamster is special.

My hamsters are named Eskimo, Billie, and Beatrice
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My hamster, Tulip, passed not long ago. About a month actually. She was the first hamster I've had and inspired me to get more hams in the future years. She was so intelligent and would always stuff her cheek pouches. If i had her out to play and put food in front of her she would suck it all up like a vacuum and keep it in her cheeks. I have a picture posted of her on this site with her cheeks filled to the maximum and she was running on her wheel. LOL. I was always so concerned over the smallest thing about her and when she passed I cried so hard. It makes me want to cry while writing this. My family loved her and she'll be fondly remembered. There are so many moments that made me smile when she was alive.


<3 Rest in peace Tulip. 11/9/10

I love my Russian Dwarf, Derby!  (:

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well the only hamster that ever died on me was little savri-when i found out she died i was terrified-afraid mavri would die-but no

the day before she died she was laying in her food bowl asleep awkewardly with her foot sticking out and i wanted her to wake up since she looked uncomfortable and so i touched her and NO movement watsoever. except breathing and small jerks i flipped her on the bedding and no movement except one jerk and put her back in the food bowl and she was breathing RAPIDLY so i left her alone since she was so nervous-i was crying that night

in the morning she wass worse and her eyes wouldnt blink but she was alive - when i got home from school i went in my room and there she was dead i took the food bowl out side and burried her-privatley. iand i sang her a tune i made up the tune goes like this:

why oh why?

must she die?

i loved her so much\ i do

everything goes away

cant i have something to say?

why oh why do you?

and then it repeated again and again

i burried her and put every rose in my garden on her

and my chickens came over and crawled in my lap.

and the ant found her in less than an hour and i coulnt find anybit of her the next day= mavri lived and she now lives with a great owner hoo calls her ninja. because she runs fast and slick-like

then i was left with hammi and sammi

alot of people ask how i thought of the names savri and mavri

well savri is a remake iof the word savery because i saved her when she was a baby by scooping her out of between the fod dish and the cge wall-and mavri is a ryme of that but the mav part came from my grandma hoo died on my brothers birthday-her name was jerry and the name mary always reminded me of her since she looked alot like a mary and her frends called her that

thats the story....


Hammi & Sammi

Sammi in front...Hammi behind her.

Pistachio, Jennni, & Edward

Pistachio is all black at the end to the left...Jenni is brown next to her....Edward grey at the end to the right....


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Aww... i'm sorry! The only hamster I've ever had die was Pip...About 2 months ago..............

My hamsters are named Eskimo, Billie, and Beatrice
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I have had four hamsters die. NoName was an unknown type of hamster. We didnt know what type he was. He was orange and white and he looked like a real version of hamtaro. He only lived with me for five days sadly, died due to food poisoning in a food brand that was called back six years ago. Harry my second hamster, we also didnt know what breed he was. he was black and gray and about medium sized for a hamster. He lived with me for three years and only bit me once when I almost dropped him and then I caught him and accidentally squeezed him. We went through alot together. For instance one time he was rolling in his ball around the house when my little sister who was four at the time got mad. She picked him up while he was in his ball and threw him. I was in the room. And saw. I ran and jumped, and caught him right before he hit the ground. He probably would have died that day if I didnt catch him. He died of old age. My third hamster, Katie, was a black bear hamster. She was the runt. She bit me at times, and jumped out of my hands alot, but I love her anyways. She died after three months of having her due to spinning. My fourth hamster, Nibbles, was winter white hamster. When I got him christmas eve, I didnt have a clue that he would live up to his name. He bit me alot, sometimes until I bled if he felt like it, but I still love him. He died of old age November 19, 2010 during the night. He was almost a year old, so it might have not been old age. If not I dont know what it was. Now I have my roborovski Mini, and I can already tell she will be like Harry, and we will go on many adventures. She is an escape artist so she keeps me busy. She escapes once a day pretty much. She has a usual hiding place though. In my closet or behing my dogs cage. It is usually easy to fing her. She has been lost in my susters room once and escaped in the kichen once. (she was in her old travel cage) I love them all and will forever.


I love my Robo Mini <3

R.I.P. NoName, Harry, Katie, and Nibbles my special hammies. You will always have a special place in my heart.

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cutie Kitty
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I had two hamsters die. I feel really bad when a baby dies like pip, by the way, pip is the cutest name!, but Ilike roborovskis because they lo=ive longer and we don't have to feel the pain once more (well of course we do just alittle while laster)



Walnut, Raisin, Skittle and Crumbs :roll:

 (My recent hamsters)

Sparkle and Keychain will always be in my heart.
R.I.P :(

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R.I.P Hammie. My very first hamster that I got when I was 6 or 7. He was a Teady Bear hamster. Love you.

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R.I.P My lost hammie, Bobo (like bow bow like a dude wears a BOW tie lol) He was my special three-legged hammie that got chased by the cat to some hiding place which i do not know where is at. I wish I could find him! (if hes alive) ___:(___

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My first hammy Buddy ran away while I was out of town. I remember my dad calling me: I asked him how buddy was doing, and he told me Buddy had ran away last Wednesday, and he didnn't tell me 'cuz he tought Buddy might come back. Me and my brother cried so hard that night. Then my mom sat with us and told us to talk about all the good memories we had with Buddy. Like the time I was gonna put him in his ball so I could clean his cage, and he spit ALL the food and poop out of his cheeks and on to me. Then she told me that if I wanted, I could get a new hammy, gerbil, or guinea pig.   The next day I went to a petshop and fell in love with my little guy Carlos.  Buddy I love you so much and i wish that I could find you, you and Carlos could be besties!! R.I.P Buddy!



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R.I.P my little buddies Bubba And Bandit, They were both playful and fun to be around. I Loved them both. They were the first pets I'd ever gotten that was just mine. And they died today and yesturday both in a row (How terrible right?) Anyways I wish i coulda said goodbye :( :( :( I hope i can get another soon but no one can replace the first three hamsters I'd gotten :/


<3 R.I.P Bobo my three legged hamster <3

<3 R.I.P Bubba and Bandit The hammies in my heart <3

<3 Boomer, My lil' stubborn SUPER FAST playful hammie in town :)<3

<3 Fawn, The new fancy bear Cute energetic squirmy hamster :) <3

<3 All hamsters that will be in my <3 4ever <3

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I had three guinea pigs die on me. First I was 7 and when I woke up saturday morning, my guinea pig, JellyBean, was lying by his food bowl, dying. My mom(a nurse) didnt get home fast enough. He died in my clutches. I cried all day!

Then about 2 months later, we got three new guinea pigs, Ginger, LittleGambler(We called him LG), and Chuck. First, Ginger had a sesiuser, She just lied making grunts and twitching for 3 days. About a month later, when I woke up Monday, LG was just lying there, I poked him, but nothing happened. I was worried, because LG is usually so peppy. when I got home from my baseball game that night, LG was lying on his back, feet up, dead. I fought back tears barely! They are both burried in the garden, a rose planted in the garden for JellyBean, Ginger, and LG. Chuck is still kicking, at 1 and a half years old. Pray for him plz!!!

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I had a hamster a few years back. Her name was Kiki. She was so playful and happy. She loved to be held and she loved to play in her ball and run on her wheel. One day she went to sleep and never woke up. I checked for signs of life but there were none. I burried her under an old oak tree in my old front yard. :'(

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My hamster Pepper died of an illness that could not be treated. She laid down in her cage not moving for days and I couldnt comfort her. It was very sad to see her suffering. The day she died, I woke up and checked on her but she was  lying still, not moving. Her little eyes were glued shut with gooopy stuff. but she looked very peaceful. She was only anout 1 year old and I had her for about 8 or 9 months. I will always remember my little cutie Pepper (I have a photo of her if you look on my profile). Pepper had very shiny fur and a white spot on her chest/belly and the cutest "socks" on her feet!!! RIP my baby Pepper you will always be in my heart


Samantha, Q-Tip, and Tilly :P

RIP Poppy and Pepper

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