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My buddy Fudge was only 8 months old. He was fine last week. But I have been away for a few days, and I checked up on him tonight and he was dead in his house.


I dont know why he has died at such a young age. I cleaned him out every week. Topped up his food. He wouldnt always get in his ball for excercise and I did get quite concerned about this, but as he was always in his wheel at night I didnt really see the problem.


About three weeks ago I did change his cleaning sterilizer from wipes to spray. I dnt know if this is why?


Does anyone know why this could have happened?


I am so upset.. I am 21 - and was crying like a baby earlier. But he was my first proper pet, and I got so attached to him.

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Without more information, it is impossible to know why he died if you gave him enough food, water, and proper shelter.

I cried like a baby when one of mine died from cancer; only had her for a couple months. It only means you're human and have a caring heart. Hope you feel better.


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One of my 7 month old robos, Twenty-Seven, died last week and, like you, I don't know why. She was about half the size of her sisters when we got them, but did grow a bit more.  There was no bullying.  I ensured all had enough food (they eat out of my hand, so it's easy to see who gets what).  Cage is cleaned regularly and food/water daily, just as you say for Fudge. They are very well looked after and have a large home with plenty of safe toys. A friend suggested it could've been her heart because she was so small.  Maybe this is true and was the same for Fudge?  I'm sure you did everything you could to make Fudge happy, and you shouldn't blame yourself (I know how hard it is not to).


As for crying...  I am 39 and can barely write this, I am so upset by her death.  I am sure you gave Fudge a happy life, short though it was.  I hope you can look back on the happy times with a smile soon.

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Robo-Fudge, when you left her for a few days, did she have all the proper care that she needed? Did you have someone come and feed/clean out her water??? My hamster, Pip, was fine one day, and dead the next, so sometimes things can just happen, but I think it was the brand of food that I was using that killed him.

My hamsters are named Eskimo, Billie, and Beatrice
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