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I was wondering if anyone owned this version of the OVO by Habitrail. I currently use Spelos by Savic and glass tanks, but i looked at getting a normal OVO, but the tubes were going to be way too wide for a robo. Then a the pet shop were i work, the manager showed me this in a catalogue. It seems like an ordinary OVO with specialist tubes. If anyone has one please give me somemore first hand information and what you think of it prior to me buying it.

You can buy it here :

And heres a picture :

Hope This Helps, Hubii
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perhaps this is just a skinnier pic if you know what i mean

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I think those cages are AWESOME! I once had one for my passed hamster syrian, Beethoven, and it was so cool- he loved it!

(He always liked hiding in the tubes-hehe.)

I recommend it. The top comes off for carrying it!


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I have it. the tubes are smaller my robos have no probs getting up and down. I really like it my only probs are that you have to open the cage really wide to get food in and my hammys try to jump out.

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I love all the habitrail ovo cages .... but some people say that the multiple levels can cause dominance :|. I actually never had that cage, but yet I've heard great and poor comments about it. Most hamsters never escape from it, but the ventilation seems a little poor. Others also said that the water bottle leaked, and was weird for their hamsters, but it should provide great floor space. I think you should get it, but maybe the normal ovo has a bigger floor space.




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it is a very good cage, my sister has the normal cage for her sirian and i have checked the tube difference and there is some difference


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AHH yes, I have this. It's brand new. It's vertical like in the picture, but there are different ways you can set it up. My robo doesn't like the wheel very much. I think it''s a bit too large and heavy for robos, even though this cage is made specifically for dwarf hamsters. 

Even though the wheel seems to big, I have an extension for my cage, and the other cage has a different wheel which is the perfect size. That cage is from CritterTrail. And if you have tubes, you can connect the both together which makes an even better place for your hammy to live in. 

Hope I posted ok. :lol:
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i have just the ovo pad my robo's love them ive got a big plastic crate for them to get a bit more exercise in as they arent big enough imoa, my robos would love those extra tubes can they be bought seperatley??

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James at August 8, 2010 at 12:27 PM

i have just the ovo pad my robo's love them ive got a big plastic crate for them to get a bit more exercise in as they arent big enough imoa, my robos would love those extra tubes can they be bought seperatley??

I've also exactly the same except I got the suite set and the tubes are much too fat, so I had given my winter white to use it instead as size is more appropriate for him. But yeah, you can get the dwarf tubes for your ovo pad it does fit to the locks, I'm also getting them too be connected to the sides for my robo babies to come. :)


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Unlike every one i dont recommend them, they are cute yeah and they cant provide a hamster with a healthy life, cause they are not well ventilated, and its very very important for a cage to be well ventilated, fungus and bacteria wil grow very quickly in such habitats, and they may not be removed easily.

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Hi I tend to agree with Shideh there just does not seem enough ventilation and them holes are hot/humid do they get when the weather is hot especially in warmer countries like America?.....Tracy:|


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We have the dwarf ovo it looks fab and our robos seemed to enjoy the set up, they could climb the tubes if leaned a bit and it was fairly simple to put together.


The water bottle didn't leak because we filled it to the brimm and then shook it a couple of times to create vacuum.


Our two robos kept blocking up the water bottle tube though  but overall a nice cage.


I would recommend getting the ovo loft as an attachment as you have to take the steps out and the wheel for two robos as you cannot fit two wheels in and the wheel they supply is a bit big for robos

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