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I do want to apologize to everyone because you are right, I did not know that the wheel can kill the babies and I WOULD NEVER want an infant baby animal harmed. I have only read about the wheel and how important the wheel is to a hamster. I read somewhere where if you do not keep the wheel inside, they will become obease. again I am very sorry and yes, If there are babies then I think you should remove the wheel after reading other comments. however though I did see on youtube that a mother was carrying her baby in a wheel with her mouth so I thought it was safe for them but Im sorry about the post. I just know the wheel keeps them healthy and works the food off

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Also Ste, you should not be so aggravated with everyone simply because everyone has their own opinion of what they think is right. in this case I was wrong but on the other hand I am thinking also of the parents and their exercise but I think the life of the babies are more important because there is time for the parents to work off their food after the babies are grown. just dont be so defensive because everyone can make a mistake

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 Yes after the babies are about 3 weeks I reintroduce the wheel so long as she is not pregnant again.  Also I have seen that video and seen it first hand with her first litter of 3 that did not survive.  She would run in the wheel with one in her mouth then sit down put it down clean her face then forget about the baby and start running again.  It is also dangerous to have the wheel in when she is near the end of her pregnancy because I know the silent wheels keep going after they stop running causing them to go round and round and fly out hitting things inside the cage.

My female has hardly had the wheel since she gave birth and she is still not fat and healthy, on her 3rd litter now, soon for a break.

Also i think the mother should be passing the goodness from her food to her babies and not burning them up on a wheel, also she can forget the litter for lengthy periods of time when preoccupied with the wheel.

One of my hamsters was attacked and I had to put her in a cage of her own and she got fat fast because of no wheel. 

And it was just that you put NEVER as in to say listen to me I'm right, I was making sure anyone else who reads the thread knows that you should NEVER leave it in.

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Becky 22
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Calm down !


With 7 babies you're going to introduce the wheel at 3 weeks?

My roborovski's had 5 babies, and I put a medium SilentSpinner in at 4 weeks for the mother and 5 daughters. They spent a lot of time running on it, yes, but the babies kept getting crushed and stumbling. There were no injuries, but I soon took the wheel out because there would be two hamsters at the bottom, then four hamsters who were running on them! It's quite dangerous to have a lot of hamsters using the wheel at the same time.

When they're old enough, maybe you could take them out in pairs for seperate usage of the wheel? Or put them in the ball instead?


How are they getting on? What do they look like? What are you feeding them? Are they starting to drink yet?





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Hi Ste,

they all look beautiful and very healthy :)

Tammy x


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