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i have a cage which i keep two of my 5 hamsters in my five hamsters are called baby,chocolate,Bruno,Fudge and mario

Fudge and Mario are in the cage and mario keeps escaping its happend three days in a row usually going down the couch and out of site so we cant see it

i dont know why its food bowl is toped up normally it has a normal size cage and fudge and mario enjoy living in the same cage

the cage is warm has a wheel and normal bedding

we have resently swopped our hamsters ito diffrent cages because choclate is little and smaller than fudge and mario and kept escaping the cage fudge and mario are in so we swopped her with her mum baby into there cage and she hasnt escaped yet

bruno is staying in a small cage on his own and he isnt sad can someone please help

mario keeps escaping and i dont want it to end up like cake (my dogs got cake no marks but soaking wet and dead read about this in sad upset for my loss in the memorial section) please help

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sorry hard job understanding last few lines there, but whats in cage has nothing much to do with why its escaping,  unless we know what sort of cage you have, gonna be hard to answer...

do you know from where he is getting out ?

are the bars too wide apart, are there holes or gaps ?

is the door secured tightly ?


need better info please.



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Becky 22
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What type of cage is it?

Roborovski's can fit through bars 1cm big, especially young ones are very, very good at changing their physical shape and skeleton.

Can you give us more information about the cage?





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I have had alot of hamsters and they all escaped at least once in their life so i hope this can help.


I never had robo hamsters before Hamilton my current hamster. When I got her the lady at the pet store told me they could slip threw tiny bars (like the one in my profile picture) I thought she was absoultley crazy but i relized she wasnt when my hamster went under the wheel (also seen in the picture) So basically if you have a robo (roborvski) hamster it can escape very easily. I i always have big hamsters and they used to climb on their water bottle and eat the top of the cage! One ate it so much it could get out! (We had to get a new top) They where ALWAYS escaping and coming back. It has to be your cage because thats the only thing its staying in right? If you have the kind of cage i have (you  can see it in the picture) i would recomend putting the cage (with the hamster in the cage) into a plastic bin (one that the hamster cannot climb on or get out of) when you leave the room or house. If you have a aquarium tank just keep an eye on the hamster. If you are having trouble with the top (like my big hamsters did) you should probily get a new cage.


I hope this helped!




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I've seen my robos climb up things that I didn't think they could climb, and fit in spaces that you wouldn't think they could.  Also, I'm not sure of how good chewers robos are, but I've had gerbils chew through really thick plastic in order to break out of their cages, so I would take a really good look at the cage that you are using and see any little spaces that a robo could fit though, and any possible ways that they could be climbing up to somewhere that they are getting out of.  You should be really careful about your robos escaping especially if you have dogs or other animals that could kill them.  I would probably put them in a room where the dogs or cats are not allowed to go in, so that if the robos do escape, you can catch them and they won't be where they could get eaten or attacked.

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right the cage is a normal cage the bars are around 1cm wide and the hamster is about 7 week old

i dont really need to worry about this now because the hamsters that keep escaping in that cage (fudge and mario) we have gotten rid of so im going to close  this forum rite now bye



ps: one post per album please trying to keep this site tidy

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well the hamsters have been addopted by someone else so no need to worry




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