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From two to a hundred!

Posted by Jay on March 12, 2013 at 4:15 AM

Good day friends,

I started breeding hamsters February last year 2012. We have a lot of pets. We have four dogs, 3 pairs of parakeet, 20 kinds of fresh water fish and now these adorable hamsters. We started with a pair then it grew to a hundred and still counting. By the way, me and my wife both decided to have them as pets. We picked siberian dwarf hamsters because they're too cute and they don't grow too much. 4 inches long -  max for females and 5 for males. Our first pair were named Husky and Savvy. Husky was already a year old when I we got him. He was very gentle and laid back while Savvy was the energetic gal. They gave us 4 pups and were named Cheena, Black eye, Sam and Sab. Cheena and Sam were the female hamsters. Then the family just kept growing and growing. They breed twice a month averaging from 4 to 9 pups. We couldn't keep up with their daily needs. I have an average job and my wife just stays at home. Our son is not really into hamsters, he likes our dogs. 

Since  our family was getting bigger and bigger, we couldn't afford buying their feeds regularly. I had to give them supplemements like bread and veggies. But giving them veggies regularly makes them sick. So just give them twice a week. Bread is ok, specially for pregnant hamsters. Their diet consists of crushed corn mill, peanuts, sunflower seeds and other stuff that pigeons and chicken have. Don't worry, they are perfectly fine based on our experience. I wouldn't have a hundred of them if not ok? Going back to the story, we had to decide about our hamsters. So what we did was gave some away to our close friends and relatives. But they just kept breeding and breeding. It was ok but I just couldn't afford their basic needs anymore. It was a decision me and my wife had to make. It is either we quit on them or make some sacrifices. Good thing it never came down to that, one day I've met this guy who owns a petshop and he saw me holding my favorite hamster "Vegeta". He asked me if I breed hamsters and I said I did so he asked me if I could supply his petshop a number of hamsters every now and then. Since then, we became partners. I supply him an average of 30 - 50 hamsters a month. Customers just love my hamster he said. Our hamsters are really cute and fat. maybe because of their diet. When you let them roam around, you couldn't even see their legs because that's how fat they are. 

Because of this tie-up, I can now give our hamsters the diet and care they need because their brothers and sisters already paid for it :D. We keep our best hamsters and whenever we get a new breed with a different color, she or he is a keeper. Two months ago, our very first pair just passed away. I just found out from the petshop that I had bought them that they were older than I think. Unfortunately, nobody wanted them but me and my wife think that they were just adorable. Thanks for almost a year of hapiness and joy Husky and Savvy. Your grandhamsters will be taken care of.

I hope you like my simple story....

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Reply Coco & Cherio
11:37 PM on August 6, 2013 
Love it
Reply Hammyhappy
10:13 AM on August 2, 2013 
wowee that's amazing

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