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Picking my Roborovski hamster

Posted by RockAndRoboHamster on March 2, 2013 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (6)

When my old Hamster,Tilly died (she was a syrian) i was desperate, in a few months time, for a new hamster.I was looking to get my first ever Roborovski hamster.We went to pets at home with my hard earned money (i was only 13) and went to go pick one.They were all sleeping, exept for one or was on top of the water bottle.I was like 'how did he get up there?' In the end  i bought him.In his whole lifetime, i have had to buy him 4 cages,as he'd chew the plastic to escape,or squeeze through bars (i wouldnt reccomend cages with bars)or somehow, figure out how to open his cage! That was then, when he died, i started my own hobby of keeping Roborovski hamsters!

how i got wiskers

Posted by Nadya+mr.Wiskers on March 1, 2013 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

when i got wiskers i went to petsmart i picked him because he looked best for me.:)After i came home we made the cage( we did not have the cage yet). then we put wiskers in and he started playing on his wheel i named him wiskers because off his wiskers they are so long i said i know what to name him i will name him wiskers. wiskers bites me a few times a week but i still love him. when you get your pet hamster make sure it stays close to you in the day next to the kichen and at night in someones bedroom.if you dont do that your hamster will go crazy try not waking your hamster during the day 1st it will bite you 2nd it will not live long.hamsters are easy to care for and cheap to care for and they will make a good pet.when you on vacaitin they can stay in the house byethemself for about 4 days try not any longer.:D

Eddie :)

Posted by ashley on February 26, 2013 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I used to have a hamster eddie, but it died from tumur
im so sad.
Anyway feel free to add me
But im deliting.
Anyway me and my sister bured it in the garden.
R.I.P eddie.

Hamster picked me!

Posted by Alex on February 19, 2013 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (2)

The day that I was getting my hamster was Sunday, I straighly ran at the "Roborovski" hamsters. There were 3 of them in total, all sleeping. When I was getting a hamster, the store had to open the cage. The man opend the cage and all the hamsters have gone mad, they ran around the cage and hid under the wheel. But only one hamsters did not, it sat there waiting (Sounds werid- Normally hamsters would run away) The one little hamster did not run back, he ran forwards to me!!
The hamster almost got out of the cage. I already knew what hamster to pick, that hamster who was brave to go up to me.

I picked him, as it was so cutie how Ginger (that hamster) chose me!I knew he would be a great hamster, so i got him!
It's funny- I mean normally you pick hamsters, but nope.. that hamster chose me!

My Cute but Sad Goodbye

Posted by myroboButtercup on January 11, 2013 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Hello. I went to America when I was 4 and came back to Korea last year(January, 2012). In America I had no friends, and my roborovski hamster named Buttercup helped me get used to America. I soon got very used to all of the American people and soon I turned bilingual. Then we lived 4 years and left with all of our stuff... except for Buttercup. I had to give away Buttercup to a friend I know. She was the only person I could trust on, so I gave him away. She still gives me emails of how Buttercup is doing... but I can't erase the thoughts about him. He was truly my friend, not a hamster.

Chestnut and Peanut's Adventures

Posted by Pandas on January 4, 2013 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (2)

I have three hamsters - two are Robos the other a Syrian.

Chestnut and Peanut are my little Robos. I didnt know much about hammies when we got them - they were a complete suprise! When we first got a hamster ball, we were cleaning their cage. We were in my room and I glanced across the room where peanut was sitting in her ball, with the top off!!! I shouted "Peanut's opened the lid!!!" thankfull, she didn't attempt an escape. :)

This happened again with Peanut's sister, Chestnut, and she took her chance (unlike her quiet sis). I was watching them while they were running around. Chestnut stopped and started chewing something. I thought it probalbly was some food she had in her pouch. But then, the lid popped off! At that time I was taming them and Chestnut was beginning to take food from my hand. Peanut has always been more shy and she still is... they're both tame now though.

Chestnut took her chance and raced out. I jumped up and tried to catch her. 1st time failure. She jumped straight out my hand into the air and landed on the floor. 2nd time, I caught her popped her back in and repeatedly checked she was secure.

While Chestnut was getting used to being handled, I was holding her when something amazing and scary happened. At that time they used to run back and forwards in thier cage before i got them a new wheel because their old one didnt work. While holding her, she jumped out my hand and zoomed round the room in zigzags. I though I had lost her!! Then she when into a corner and started doing her nightly thing - running from side to side! It was amazing she started doing that - I couldn't believe my eyes!

The last thing is when my heart skipped a beat. I was holding Peanut and I picked her up by the scruff to check everything was ok. Then I thought it was the end for my adorable little hammie... I thought she had a tumour!!!! Panic struck me. I took a closer look and it was just poo atuck to her fur!!!! I took the biggest sigh of relief I ever have!

I love my hammies so much, they are the cutest things and we have had good times together and will continue to :)

We will have many more funny adventures! 

Rescue Hamster!

Posted by Nibbles101 on November 17, 2012 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (3)
I was walking home from the park and I saw something moving by the trashcan. OMG its a little hamster! 
His fur was all fluffed up and he was so bitterly cold looking.
It was christmas around the time so id thought id rescue him! 
I picked him up and neatly placed him in my coat. 
I brought him to the vet the next day. The vetranarian said he wouldnt make it. 
Two months later he was still living and his health took a dramatic increase! He was happy-go-lucky now. 
Today he is 3 years old! The hamster that was cold, frozen,near death and hurt is now just a thing of the past!
He is healthy, happy, and friendly! He was my RESCUE HAMSTER!

New Hamster!!!

Posted by Nibbles101 on November 17, 2012 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Me and my uncle were shopping at Petco for a fishtank divider. A cute fuzzy fat furry thing stared at me while I passed the rodent circle.

"aww so cute!" I walked away torwards the dog section where id look at leashes. My uncle comes back w/ a boox in his hand! What in it? What is it? He opens the box and says Merry Early christmas. A little moving furry fat hamster stares at me. My heart melts! OMG! He bought everything and I brought it home. My mom didnt know about this yet so when she found out he bought me a hamster she was NOT happy! But now I shes learned to live w/ him. His new name is Nibbles!

Lex's mini fair

Posted by EllieandLex on November 12, 2012 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Lex had just been bought a pets at home maze, and she had a ball, sandbath, tubes, ladders, you name it, so we decided to make a funfair. I hadn't got an ipod at the time, so I used my webcam to take pictures of Lex, and nipped to the loo. When I came back, Lex had been running all over my computer keys, and as there had been a blank powerpoint ready for me to put the pictures on, she'd written me a little message:

bbbnnnnnkkpgcjkuyteb 753ld'[[[[[avxnh

As soon as she saw me, she tried to scoot away, but fell straight into the popcorn bowl! She looked so cute, scrambling around, and had got a good amount of hamster popcorn hidden in her pouches. Luckily, she managed to scramble out, and we enjoyed the rest of the fair together!

The Bad Boy

Posted by Hamsterhappy on November 5, 2012 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (3)

I have had hamsters before.  Molly was my first and Mindy was my second.  After Mindy died of cancer I was so upset that I bought two Robo boys, hoping that if one died I would have the other one to comfort me. Kind of silly but I was upset.  I recieved Peanut and Nugget for my birthday.  They were so funny!  The more I watched them run on the wheel, play tug of war over a piece of food, and snuggle down together for a nap the more laughed!  :lol::lol:  One night, as I was taking them back to their cages, I noticed they were starting to mock fight very aggresively. :/ Hmmm.  Since i had already discovered this site, i knew about Tic and Tac's fight.  Their fighting made me a little scared.  I knew what one robo could do to the other.  I checked on them later that night to find Nugget biting Peanut's leg. I told my Mom about it and she told me not to worry and to just go to bed.  I woke up early the next morning to fing Nugget on top of Peanut!  I knocked him off and picked up Peanut to examine the wound on his belly.  It was not that bad but I was not taking any more chances.  They have never been together since and they are still healthy and well, but it was a bummer.  I can't watch them play together anymore. But I am glad that i caught the fight in time before anything drastic happened!!!!:(:/:|:):D:lol:


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